Why ‘Me’ Time Is Important

Why ‘Me’ Time Is Important


18 March 2016


Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and already dreading the hours ahead? Do the responsibilities of your career dominate every waking moment of your life? Are you stressed, fatigued, and just mindlessly going through the motions?

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If the answer is yes, yes and YES to the above, it’s time for you to step back from the grasps of reality and reclaim your lost zeal for life. There’s more to life than a stable nine-to-five job and the perils of workplace stress and anxiety. The key is to always find balance between what you have to do and what you want to do.

Although it’s understandable that every individual has different work conditions that are unique to their field and scope, it’s good to remember that you don’t live to work. Even when you’re dedicating your time to helping others grow and learn, it should not stifle your own experiences. Sometimes, putting aside time for yourself may even prove to be the ideal catalyst to liberating yourself from all the struggles that are suffocating you.

Here’s why you should take some time off for yourself:

To Recharge

You’re burning out; the flame inside you is dead and gone. Much like an empty gas tank or a smartphone on the brink of dying, what you need is to refill your energy and recharge your inner batteries. There are many ways to do this, but pick what rejuvenates and injects a greater sense of fulfilment and relaxation into your life.

Allocate some time; at the end of a long day, or a few hours during the weekend at the very least, for you. If you want to spend the time getting a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep, go ahead! Be it meditation, café-hopping, reading or a road trip to a picturesque hidden gem snuggled among the states – do whatever floats your boat. Discover the world around you and beyond your confined view of what was previously a restrictive schedule of eat, work and sleep.

Personally, I feel positively rejuvenated after an afternoon of sketching - the opportunity to work on your passion projects without limits can be rewarding in more ways than one.

To Not Lose Yourself

Reconnect with the people that matter most in your life – your family and friends. The time and experiences you have with them is invaluable, irreplaceable and absolutely precious. It’s also an eye-opener to sit down and reminisce of days past – especially of the moments when you grabbed life by the horns. Let these sparks of passion fly and reignite your fervour for enjoying all the things in life – the good, the bad and the ugly. It also supplies ample space for self-reflection; providing insights on how you’d like to, or should, strive forward in life, especially if you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut for some time.

To Increase Productivity

Feel your creative juices draining by the minute? To get your mojo back, take some time off. It’s counterproductive to continuously drain ideas from a pool of resources that is already depleted. Break the monotony of your thoughts and refresh your ‘limited’ resources by giving it a break. You will make better choices and more effective solutions when you’re energised and focused rather than burnt out and exhausted. A study by the University of Toronto discovered that people who engaged in respite activities during recovery breaks have higher levels of positive effects after the breaks.