Why It’s Important To Choose Love During The Festive Season

Why It’s Important To Choose Love During The Festive Season


20 December 2017


When Thanksgiving rolled around in November, I was excited. The holidays are upon us, which means parties, days when we would have the perfect reason to gather and rejoice in the company of our friends and family - and not to mention too the perfect reason to enjoy ourselves, relax and unwind with good food, and truly reconnect with love.


However, I started to notice a number of articles popping up on social media about “Hacks to deal with difficult people” or “How to get through the holidays”. This totally caught me by surprise, and having read the articles later on, it left me feeling a little disappointed. It got me thinking: “Why are people conditioning themselves to be ‘prepared’ for a bad time?”

The Power Of The Mind

If you are a psychological fiend, you probably agree that we can never underestimate the power of conditioning the mind. Whenever our feet hit the floor every morning, we condition our minds with the first sensation, the first thought, that we CHOOSE to populate our minds. Ask yourself: Do I want to have a good day? And getting a resounding YES, you know you are going to have an amazing day.

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Choose Wisely

Life is of course not all rainbows and unicorns — there will be difficult times, and equally, difficult people. But with the powerful knowledge that we always, ALWAYS, have the choice, we take back the power from external circumstances to decide upon how we can feel. If joy is your choice, then the holidays ahead, the days ahead, will be full of joy, even in seemingly bad moments and negative environments.

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Compassion Is Key

So, understand that the holidays are a time for love and festive tidings — the truest and most beautiful call to the universe to bring great things into your life. But what happens when you do have to deal with certain difficult aunts and uncles and mind-boggling questions about your personal life that you just cannot avoid?

Well, the answer is: compassion. Compassion in yourself, and compassion for the other person — who could be nagging you, who could be angering you, who could be frustrating to be around. Whether this person is your mother, your aunt, your grandmother, or father, when you see through the eyes of compassion, you are connected with love.

When you come from a place of love, your vibration level will affect them subliminally. More than that, you will feel no anger and resentment for their actions — you will simply see them as they are, and understand more about where they are coming from: perhaps your mother has been spending all day preparing a meal and is tired, hence the short shrift she is giving you. Perhaps your grandmother comes from a good place, doling out life advice while sounding less than desirable in the manner she is conveying her message, only because that was the way she has been brought up to express love.

Compassion will guarantee that you will feel calmer and less fearful when you are faced with people and situations you’ve negatively associated with the holidays and may unfortunately dread. It will remove any negative energy you might be feeling within you as a form of reaction.

Practise these principles of love, and open yourself to the changes you may experience. Have a wonderful holiday. I already know you will.