What Do I Love About Malaysia? Hear From The PurelyB Team

What Do I Love About Malaysia? Hear From The PurelyB Team


16 September 2016


The grass is greener where we water it. What a fresh and enlightening perspective when we think about our nation.

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We’ve seen the beauty and strength that arises when Malaysians unite, support and celebrate each other. The unprecedented wins in the recent Olympics and Paralympics along with the countless achievements of Malaysians both in our homeland and abroad show us that we should and we must focus on what brings us together.

Hear from our team on “What Do I Love About Malaysia?”

I love that Malaysia is a beautiful mix of cultures and diversity, and that the love for food is our universal language that binds us together! We really are one-of-a-kind, and when we embrace our differences wholeheartedly, that's when great things truly happen for us.– Jesrina

Badminton. Enuff said :) It's amazing how this one sport can bring the whole nation together, a true spirit of #MalaysiaBoleh – Stephanie

I love Malaysia for her diversity; whether it be people, culture, food or the various other ways that we differ. I love that as different as we may be, we will always still have common ground and that is our love for our country which is always evident and our pride in being Malaysians. Happy Malaysia Day! – Mia

Credit: Josephine Mock

Definitely the varieties of scrumptious cuisines from our diverse ethnic groups & not forgetting the extra public holidays we enjoyed here. – Jaslyn

I love her multi-racial culture, yummy food and how we bond thru makan (food), mamak sessions and yum cha sessions at odd hours!  - Sze Kaye

The Malaysian spirit in supporting our athletes! Every Malaysian regardless of race, religion and culture have shown their utmost support for all our athletes in the various sporting events. You can bet that half of the nation will gather at the mamak shops or stay at home with their eyes glued to their television/computer screens watching, supporting our athletes and shouting for glory! – Dorcas

People here mostly work at a slower pace and so the hardworking ones can easily outperform the rest (: - Jester

I treasure and love seeing the young and old, family, friends and neighbours, rural and urban Malaysians from different ethnicities enjoying themselves playing, chatting, working, chilling, having meals together and helping each other without hesitation. And yes, the gorgeous getaway, adventure and foodie spots across Malaysia! - Debbie

To all our fellow Malaysians, Happy Malaysia Day! Have a meaningful Hari Malaysia.