The TEN Commandments For Small Business Owners To Navigate During This Crisis

The TEN Commandments For Small Business Owners To Navigate During This Crisis


4 May 2020


Doubts, fears, uncertainties, losses and… CHANGE.

For the first time, the human race has been put to test by the invisible killer that had the whole world living in fear like never before. We are now in a situation where our lives, livelihood, well being and mental health are all being strained and to make matters worse, almost all businesses are left with only two options, either do nothing and wait out till the end, or close down immediately before the damage gets insurmountable. But rest assured, you are here and that must mean you are searching for an answer. We have just what you need! What if you could have a “10 Commandments For Small Business Owners To Navigate During Crisis” so that you can walk away with more clarity, confidence and creativity to weather through the storm with style? Here we go!


1.Bring forth acceptance

As a small business owner, you have to be quick to take charge in this crisis by first bringing forth acceptance to the current situation all of us are in and make peace with it. Many have struggled to look ahead due to the unwillingness to let go of the fact that losses have been incurred. Nevertheless, the most powerful sentence I use over and over again which has helped me through moments of life is “I accept things for the ways they are, and the ways they aren’t”. This has been a game changer which allowed me to think of what’s next in a much more empowering way!


2.Change, or you will be changed

Whether you embrace change or not, both outcomes are going to be uncertain and risky. One thing that will keep you growing is this: if change were to take place, you should be able to realise new opportunities - by being able to see things from a different position


3. If you want to get through, it’s not about you

So what do we do here in order to rise above and stand by our business, family and wellbeing? We make it about others! It is about time to look out and seek for problems and unresolved issues taking place out there, assess your resources and find a way to craft a solution by making it relevant in terms of the way you deliver your products or services and your marketing messages. People that want to spend, will still spend. You just need to know them well enough to show up at the right place at the right time with the right solution!


4.It’s showtime… for anyone.

No matter how popular a brand was pre pandemic, it’s no longer on people’s mind right now. Whereas those who stepped up to provide the right supplies and solutions, get the most amount of mention regardless of how little known they were? Everyone was once beaten down, but only those who prioritize what matters most, wins!


5. Get even closer to people… virtually.

Wish to thrive during this crisis and eventually make a massive comeback afterwards and perhaps, witness the kind of growth that you might never expect? This is the golden opportunity to truly establish meaningful connections with your current customers as well as prospects that had never heard of you because while many businesses have shrunk and left their customers in the dark, the market is left with a lot more space to rally fans and customers. There have been multiple success case studies where groups and “tribes” have been formed with huge followings rapidly since it’s given that “human to human” connection - something we can’t live without.


6. Adjust your focus

As small business owners tend to be strapped with time due to having to play multiple roles, this is the time when it is crucial for you to review, realign and reset. Just think of running a business like sailing a ship. If you were to constantly be in the basement doing the work but fail to spend time on the deck navigating the ship, there could be a disaster waiting to happen. What you focus on, energy flows in. It is time to channel your energy to areas where you want to expand.


7. Establish partnerships of 1+1=3

The virtual world has allowed us to easily find partners to form campaigns, projects, activities and businesses with. This is especially true if Commandment No.3 was to be done in an impactful manner. Since not many businesses have the exact resources and supplies to solve the market pain points in this crisis, partnerships and collaborations are the way to go in order to join forces to create for a greater cause.


8. Embrace stillness in the midst of chaos

We are called human beings, not human doing. Which also means that we must allow time for ourselves to sit still, breathe and let go of tension that was caused by always having on the “ready mode” especially if you are a high achiever or someone constantly looking to restore certainties in life. Being able to take the time to connect with yourself will allow you to gain better clarity in whatever you need to do as a business owner. Clarity is power.


9. Love more and love ongoingly

How many of us have been putting our businesses first and taking our loved ones for granted? Is this crisis carrying a hidden message that is trying to tell us that maybe life is not always about one thing - instead, it could be more than that? With lockdowns taking place everywhere and spouses are confined 24/7, have you come to an understanding of how to navigate this quarantine as a couple? It’s time to prioritize this.


10. Life happens for you, not to you

Could this crisis be something that prepares you for a bigger one ahead which might not be something at this scale, but maybe something that’s at a personal level? Could this be a test to the strength of your business in order for you to realise the importance of finances and diversification so that you are able to grow and scale with confidence in the future? Could this crisis let you realise that success is about being flexible with our approach? I would like to try out filling the blank of this sentence which goes like this “It is good that it happened because…”. Your goal is to keep filling up the blanks with different reasons (empowering ones) until something amazing happens. Perhaps a shift in perspective which could then result in a change in your action and ultimately, you will get a whole different outcome!

The fact that you’ve read this far, goes to show that you are someone extraordinary and ready to take full responsibility for every feeling, emotion, action and outcome in life. Let’s rise up and conquer everything within us and stand true to our cause  - we have to continue to run our businesses and keep serving our clients and customers at the highest level regardless of circumstances.