Soo Wincci: Rising From A Fall

Soo Wincci: Rising From A Fall


11 March 2016


Soo Wincci is a go-getter and a risk-taker; one who embraces challenges; viewing these bumpy roads as launch pads for greater success and stronger resolve to reach her potential and goals.


This multi-talented beauty queen has had many feathers added to her cap as an award-winning singer, actress, entrepreneur and currently a doctorate student in Business Administration, but the journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Weathering the storm

“Each time you fall gives you a chance to learn how to get right back up and into the swing of things. It’s not about how high your position or credentials in life can be, but of how much you can improve.”

Her positive outlook on life has seen her weather through many stormy periods in her career.

She experienced her first sting of desperation in 2012, with the sudden passing of her boss. The company was facing a huge crisis and the imminent possibility of closing down. The task at hand seemed insurmountable, having to shoulder heavy burdens and responsibilities single-handedly in the midst of her busy schedule. Her audacity and determination pulled her through and she even succeeded in acquiring the company and helming it.

Her second brush with a major challenge hit her during the lead-up to her concert last year. The sponsors of her concert pulled out at the eleventh hour, leaving Soo Wincci with a shortage of funds, and possibly, no concert at all. She kept her cool throughout the ordeal, recognising that as the company’s leader, she could not back out in the heat of a crisis. She boldly marched on and forked out RM500,000 from her personal finances to allow the show to go on. ”During that moment, I deeply appreciated the valuable words of support from my friends. This experience taught me how to be truly responsible for the roles I am holding, even if this meant foregoing my salary in order to fund our operations.”


Setting the younger artistes up for success

To Soo Wincci, failure is not final, instead provides an opportunity for her to share her experiences with the younger generation. Having had pitfalls in the entertainment industry, she emphasises the need to respect your seniors while promoting and helping your juniors. “What your seniors in the business can teach and tell you is invaluable, and is something money can’t buy. Hence, I feel more inclined to share my experiences with the younger generation and other budding artistes, and I hope it creates an ideal cycle and a conductive environment to grow and learn.”

Her passion and dream to elevate the local arts and education scene is evident. “I want to bring more local artists into the international limelight as well as attract international attention for Malaysia. I hope to one day, build a local university here, to create a space for everyone passionate for the arts and business administration to learn, to be empowered to be their own bosses and leaders. We cannot rely on others to live – so I hope I am able to cultivate these dreamers on our very own local soil.”

Many artistes, upon receiving great acknowledgement for a certain piece of work or role, will tend to stick to their ‘winning formulas’ in order to strengthen their impressions on audiences. However, Soo Wincci decided on the less-trodden path of actively innovating herself. She believes in creating a more conducive environment for the younger stars to pursue their dreams, showcase their talents and be as successful as their predecessors. Thus, she has stepped up to assume the role as a pioneer in creating a new frontier for them.

“The development of the local entertainment scene is rather limited, as no one is willing to pave the way - thus I wanted to make the impossible, possible. If I am able to change this current situation, it will certainly be bringing a different level of fulfilment, not just to me, but these budding talents in the entertainment industry. This is what sets the business person from an entrepreneur; the former is more concerned on the monetary profits whereas the latter values how they are able to let their communities grow with the development of new markets and programs. She selflessly quips that “I do not care about how far I myself am able to go, but how far the next generation is able to.”


A woman who refuses to bow to fate

Parents from traditional Chinese families tend to encourage daughters to focus on their studies more. Even in the path of creating a career, the notion is that a girl shouldn’t be too book or street smart, as they are accustomed on placing bigger responsibilities on the shoulders of the sons. However, Soo Wincci hopes, and wants to see women of the new era soar to greater heights. She feels that both men and women are equal in terms of power and potential. Her keen willingness to try out new things did not stem from trying to prove that she was capable of herculean tasks, instead it was birthed from the perspective of being a respectable woman who could take care of others.

“Some women might bow their heads to fate, but I’m not going to let fate determine my path. It is unfortunate that there are people who still hold stereotypes of me being a former beauty queen or still being single. I wish to change and transform these old social and ideological views about women. We are all equal, and men should not belittle us based on our appearances or underestimate our capabilities. Instead, we should work together and look beyond our differences to make the world a better place!”

A woman who has never concealed her inner drive, Soo Wincci does admit that most successful businesspeople tend to be males, but it is because of this that women are motivated and able to have greater space to develop their thoughts. “Although working hard does not necessarily mean that you’ll have immediate returns, but as long as the seeds are sowed, they will come to fruition sooner or later,” she says with confidence. In order to realise her dreams, Soo Wincci is more than willing to be a woman for the next several lifetimes, and even excitedly says, “Being a woman is sheer fun! We must take advantage of the challenges and difficulties we face, and transform them into opportunities instead.”

Her unwavering perseverance even in the face of a crisis will definitely give her an edge in whatever she chooses to pursue next in life.