Mind Over Matter: Achieve Your Health Goals

Mind Over Matter: Achieve Your Health Goals


3 March 2016


You know that in order to achieve your health goals, it involves both will power and a change in mindset. Both are important in order to create lasting change in your life.


In order to get to the right mindset, there are things that you will need to release in order to achieve your health goals. It’s more a mental thing than a physical one, which makes it all the harder to achieve. But awareness is step one!

Get over the guilt!

Feeling guilty is really a lose-lose task. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, and had that cake for dessert, nothing comes out of feeling guilty. It’s not like feeling guilty will make you uneat the cake. In fact feeling guilty will only stress you out, and we all know how stress can affect weight loss(it ain’t good).

A better thing to do is to re-focus on your meal plan and workout plan. One missed workout, or skipped meal plan isn’t going to derail you. There is really nothing to be done about it other than vowing to do better the next day.

Mindset: I am choosing to focus on being better everyday.

Focusing too much on just your weight

I get that almost all weight loss programmes ask that you have a goal weight, and that is cool and also important for goal setting. But I ask that you focus on more than just your weight. While a goal weight is nice to have, you should also have other goals such as:

  • To eat healthily 80% of the time
  • To be strong and limber
  • To drink more water
  • To feel alive and energetic.

When you eat healthily and move more, your body starts healing and you start to feel better, your hormones balance out, your skin clears up, and your weight will just melt off. When you focus on just your weight, and not a more holistic focus then you might not care what you put or not put into your body, just as long as it is helping you lose weight. While this might work short-term, it does destroy your body long-term.

Mindset: I love and care about my body in the long run.

Stressing about being perfect

Ah, the ol’ ‘being perfect’ hang up. Some of us don’t have a problem with this, and some of us can’t let it go. Trying to be perfect only adds an extra layer of stress and again, stress just means it’s going to be harder to achieve our weight goals. We’re complicated creatures, us humans. We pile on a bunch of rules to make sure things are perfect, and then drive ourselves up the wall trying to achieve it and stress out when we don’t.

The thing to do is to be real with yourself. As much as we want to do everything at once, perfectly, we have to make room for things to be imperfect - just like life is. Try doing one thing at a time. And make room for mistakes and for forgiveness.

Mindset: I am always doing the best I can and that is enough.