Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 3

Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 3


3 January 2016


This is the halfway point of my programme and four days before the Angkor Wat Half Marathon. So far, it’s been a total eating epiphany. As I thought originally, my eating regime had clearly got so totally out of hand.

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On this 21-Day plan, the eating part of the plan is simple. You choose and make your own breakfast from a series of recipes and then your lunch, dinner and snack for the day are provided. This has taken a lot of decision-making and planning out of my hands, which has been fantastic. As a mother of two children, both at differing stages of their food eating capabilities and the wife of a meat eater, my day can often involve meal prep of up to 12 entirely different meals – really! Making interesting healthy food for myself is often the lowest priority. What’s more, picking at my children’s food and eating their leftovers has been a very easy and mindless thing to do.

On this plan, the commitment I made to my goals meant that I simply wouldn’t pick or deviate. I am one hundred percent doing as I am told and shown. What is so entirely brilliant about this is the discovery that eating probably half the amount I used to is leaving me feeling so much better. I simply don’t feel hungry. This in turn is making me realise that the amounts and types of food I was choosing was probably reducing my energy levels by making me sluggish with sugar-driven blood sugar spikes. The delivered food is also a total eye opener for me to new healthy ideas.


The recipe book that comes with the plan includes a whole section on snacks. I'll admit that snacking was one of my downfalls, but with the recommended snacks I am now nourishing myself with good quality fuel and all my usual snacking urges seem to have disappeared! The granola bar is one of my favourite and perfect to carry in the bag.


On the exercise front, of which the goal for me was to give myself a more rounded routine beyond just running, I have continued my training for Angkor Wat, but have also had the opportunity to do a trial class of Pilates. I am a typical, sweaty runner, so have always ruled this out as being something I wouldn’t really enjoy, but I really did. It’s hard for someone who pounds the pavements to get their head around small intense movements but I got it. Immediately after the class I felt I was holding myself with more poise. The muscle tightness I experienced after was entirely different to after a long run (where often you are walking like you didn’t quite make the bathroom!) but I could totally see what it was doing for me.

And so, on Day 10, I am happy to report that I am currently 9st 10lbs - 6lbs lighter than the start. I am learning so much about portion sizes and healthy food preparation and feel so good. Can’t wait to see what the second half of the plan brings. See you then.