Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017: #BeBoldForChange

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017: #BeBoldForChange


6 March 2017


International Women’s Day is when women all over the world are celebrated for their achievements and contributions to society, and the world at large. Holding multiple roles in the various layers of society, the once unsung heroes are now celebrated every year with a day of their own. At PurelyB, we celebrate the day by recognising how far women have come, and how much further we all can, and will go.

PurelyB knows only too well the subject of being women in today’s world, and our all-female founding team share their thoughts on International Women’s Day and what it means to them.

Jesrina Arshad

Co-Founder & CEO

There is nothing more powerful than an empowered woman brave enough to stand up and fight for what she deserves, paving the way for other women to also celebrate social, economic, cultural and political successes. Today and everyday we celebrate the women who defy expectations at every turn, forging together for a more inclusive, gender-equal world.

I feel blessed to be surrounded daily by some of these inspiring women, whom i'm proud and honoured to call my partners and family. We embrace each other's strengths, always have each other's backs, and power together to challenge the norm, transforming our dreams into plans and reality.

PurelyB was a seemingly "impossible" dream. A first of its kind health and wellness tech start-up founded by an all-women non-tech team and led by a first-time female entrepreneur, we had many doubters who could have easily broken our spirits. Yet powered by our bond, passion and courage, we were able to make it happen, defy critics and gradually make our mark in both the technology and wellness scene in Malaysia today. All in just 1 year.

Whilst we still have a long way to go, we know the possibilities are infinite with the support of amazing women by our side, and never being afraid of taking that leap.

We live by this mantra every day and today is a great reminder of how powerful it really is - Be Bold for Change.

Stephanie Looi

Co-Founder & COO

Women have come a long way politically, economically, socially and culturally. And every year, we celebrate the achievements of women throughout history overcoming major obstacles in their lives. This year’s campaign theme of “Be Bold For Change”, resonates with me on every level. The change I made was starting my journey as a mompreneur.

It is the most challenging, but rewarding path that a woman can undertake - raising a family and starting a business. Both are full-time commitments that demand a whole lot of patience, perseverance and love. While being a mompreneur comes with a lot of stress, particularly when it comes to work-life balance, it has been the healthiest part of living the start-up life. I have learned so many things in regards to communication, business, and leadership and pursuing something I believe in where I have the luxury of doing the two things I love and am passionate about. My children are and always will be my number one. The joys, the difficult moments and the challenges of full-time parenting prepared me for perseverance in my other passion, the adrenaline and competitive world of start-ups.

Let’s all celebrate womanhood by stepping up and taking action. #beboldforchange

Marissa Parry

Health & Wellness Director
(Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

International Women’s Day brings our attention to the huge progress women have made over the last century. We often get so caught up in the moment that we forget about the past. It is a time to express gratitude to the amazing women who have made a real difference for us today. It is also a time to give yourself gratitude. Take a moment and think of what you are grateful for:

I am grateful for my two amazing children who chose me to be their mother.
I am grateful for my sister, who is a constant guiding light in my life.
I am grateful for the women I have met and from which PurelyB was born.

PurelyB was created by seven women with the same vision. We wanted to make a difference and knew that it was going to take a tribe of us to make that difference a reality. The journey has begun, and is not an easy ride. Often being alone can be scary, but together we are stronger, together we pave the way for change.

I love this quote:
“Be a woman other women can trust. Have the courage to tell another woman direct when she has offended, hurt or disappointed you. Successful women have a loyal tribe of loyal and honest women behind them. Not haters. Not backstabbers or women who whisper behind their back. Be a woman who lifts other women.” - Sophia A Nelson.

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Amanda Teh

Health & Wellness Director

Confront your fear, but don’t let it stop you.

IWD is a day where we give due recognition to the contribution of women to our society. Women today are no longer limited to the role of giving birth and raising children at home. In fact, many women from all over the world have excelled and contributed immensely to the progress and advancement of our society. Looking back, we owe today’s progress to the many women that took brave action and were determined for change. Today, we must confront our fears and #BeBoldForChange. Indeed, failing to take on challenges that make us vulnerable to failure can be far worse than taking a leap of faith over the fear and self-doubt we often wrestle with.

To many, change may be one of their biggest challenges in life. As a Health Expert, my work is to help others to change an unhealthy lifestyle to achieve better health. Through PurelyB, I’m able to reach more people and help them to lead healthier lives. To me, being an all-women startup, PurelyB has never stopped evolving and has achieved many milestones. It allows me to fulfill my mission of helping others to make that change for healthier living. This is important as we always have to put our health first before anything, as it is only with good health that we can play our parts better, go further and shine brighter

Carina Lipold

Health & Wellness Director
(NLP, Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

We have International Women’s Day to celebrate our achievements as women over the last century – it’s a day that reminds us how far we have come and a day to reflect on what we have achieved as a group, and also individually. Personally, it reminds me of all the strong women I have met in my life who strived to be better and make a change in this world. That’s why on this day I also reflect on our PurelyB team: a team of wonderful ladies that came together to make a change. Change only happens if you step out of your comfort zone and are brave to embark on new journeys - it might be scary at times, you might fall, you might fail, but in the end the battle is always worth it.

Happy International Women’s Day from PurelyB!


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