End of Year Love Accounting - Goodbye 2019!

End of Year Love Accounting - Goodbye 2019!


2 January 2020


It’s the end of the year and as we embark on a new journey and decade, it’s always good to look back and reflect on accomplishments, milestones and failures. 

The end of year brings with it a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, there’s happiness and looking forward to new beginnings; on the other, a sense of nostalgia and melancholy that something is ending. Or perhaps you just want time not to move so fast. Whatever is felt and the intensity depends on what actually happened during the year. If it was all doom and gloom, a new year brings hope and the chance to make things better. If something momentous happened, the new year is when you can relax and make plans. And, if the year was mediocre, this is the time to up the ante and make an effort to improve the situation. 

 It may seem unnecessary or even silly, but taking some time to reflect and ask yourself a few simple questions about what happened (or didn’t) during the year - this can really put things into perspective. Moving forward and making 2020 a standout year is what we should be aiming for! 


What were the most memorable moments of the year? 

Think about all the positive things that happened and why they were memorable. These moments are dependent on which stage of life we are in, and what our goals are. For some achieving financial or career goals would be the epitome, for others learning a new skill or starting a family may be the highlight. 


What were the worst moments?

Death, breakdown of relationships, depression, illness – all these are part of life. As sad and disheartening as these situations are, it’s imperative that we still think back on them and realise we made it somehow. Appreciating that some good can come out of the worst situation is also a way forward. Don’t forget to also note the lessons we learnt in the process.


What challenges arose and how did you overcome them? 

Challenges can be both positive and negative. They can make you feel like a failure or like you can take on the world once you overcome them. Again, your version of a challenge is different from everyone else. You may feel a career change is a huge challenge while someone else thinks training for a marathon is as testing. Think about what you did this year that made an impact and do more in 2020. 


Who made an impact in your life this year? 

Perhaps it is someone close to you like a partner or family member. Acknowledge them and show gratitude for whatever they did for you no matter how small. We often make the mistake of taking people we care about for granted and not notice the effort they make to make our lives easier and better. They don’t always have to make a grand gesture to make you notice – the simple act of just being there when you need them or a kind word is enough. Make sure they know you are thankful. 


Lastly, ask yourself what you want out of the new year.

Everyone’s wishes and dreams can sound grandiose or unattainable. It’s perfectly fine to go large and think out of the box! Make your first million, climb mountains, travel to exotic locales, start a family, date more, stay single, go back to school, work for an NGO, live a more sustainable life, play with your children every day – the list is endless and attainable if you really want it. Make sure it makes you happy at the deepest core level though.

Reflect for a bit, realise the mistakes, learn from the bad bits, remember the awesome moments then go forth and conquer 2020! Happy New Year dear readers!