Cultivate Self-Love This Valentine's Day

Cultivate Self-Love This Valentine's Day


11 February 2022


Pause for a moment and think about everyone that you’re grateful for. Most likely, you thought about your family, your friends - maybe even your pet. But what about yourself?

When was the last time that you expressed gratitude for your entire being; for your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual self? 

Valentine’s Day is centered around showering others (specifically, a romantic partner) with acts of love. Yet, if your cup is not full of self-love, how can you pour love into other cups?  Whether you’re single or taken, it is vital to love and understand yourself. So in conjunction with celebrating the season of love, here are some ways you can cultivate self-love.


Create a Self-Love Ritual


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Starting and maintaining a fitness routine is essential to trigger the ‘happy hormones’ (like endorphins) within your body. Although focusing on movement as a form of self-love is important, so is assessing your physical self. Do you feel like your hormones are balanced or imbalanced? If your answer is the latter then know that you can regain control of your hormones. One easy method is seed cycling which is based on the concept of food as healing.

Speaking of all things female, when was the last time you self-examined your breasts? Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help!



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Mental health is finally getting the attention it deserves, but the way social media affects it is still downplayed. Find some time weekly to unwind and unplug yourself from social media!

Even more important for maintaining your mental health: building a supportive community. Positive energy is contagious so surround yourself with high-vibe people (but be aware of the difference between true positivity and toxic positivity).

After all, it’s proven that you are influenced by the average five people you spend the most time with. That’s probably why we tend to gravitate towards people with shared aspirations and interests. If you have friends that mentally & emotionally drain you, learn to start setting boundaries.



The only way you can experience more joy in your life is by making space for it - so make a commitment to accept and move on from emotional baggage. A recommended practice is Ho’Oponopono.

You can also write a love note to yourself! Thank yourself for overcoming every hurdle and really get specific on everything you love about yourself. To take this to the next level, leave these love notes scattered around your house, even plastered to your mirror. This technique will force you to foster



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If you’re planning to nourish yourself, you can’t ignore your spiritual self. While your spiritual self may be harder to connect to, there are certain practices that can help you cross that bridge. Attending a sound bath, for example, will certainly spark a connection; as will learning about and balancing your chakras - chakra candles make it easier!


Declutter Your Space

How do you feel in a messy room? And now compare how you feel in an organised room! There’s a clear difference which is why decluttering is being talked about more and more. Decluttering can, and will, positively impact your mind because you will literally let go of anything that doesn’t spark joy in your life. If you’re curious to learn about the famous Konmari Method then read this.


Create and Curate a Vision Board

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Sometimes practicing self-love means dedicating yourself to your goals - even if that means saying ‘no’ to what you’d normally say ‘yes’ to. Create & curate a vision board to stay motivated! You can fill your board with accomplishments, positive quotes, and beautiful photos of what you’re aiming for (or whatever makes you happy). Let your vision board reflect what is most important - you and your goals!


Remember: Others Love You As Much As You Love Yourself

These tips may seem like a lot of things to add to your ‘to-do’ list, but self-love is not a chore - it’s a state of appreciation. It’s about honouring your needs, wants, and goals. It’s about having a better understanding of yourself by getting in tune with your feelings and thoughts. Remember, others love you as much as you love yourself. So set the bar high and  make time for yourself this Valentine’s Day!