6 Ways To Swing Successfully In The Year Of The 2016 Fire Monkey

6 Ways To Swing Successfully In The Year Of The 2016 Fire Monkey


8 February 2016


The year of the Fire Monkey begins on Chinese New Year day, which falls on Monday, February 8, 2016 and continues until Friday, January 27, 2017. It is a year of big change, enthusiasm and creativity. For most, transformation, risk taking and innovation top this ambitious and dynamic year. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you swing successfully through the year of the 2016 Fire Monkey with much joy and prosperity:

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1. Tackle Your Bucket List

Susan Levitt, an Astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, recommends shaking things up and taking action this year of the Fire Monkey. Tap into the passionate and fiery energy that the Fire Monkey brings and dust off your bucket list. Go on that trip you’ve always wanted to, take on that new business venture you’ve been dreaming of or write that book you’ve been talking about. Let your heart soar as you embark on that one special thing you’ve always wanted to do. This is the year of transformation, so use your creativity and natural talents in all forms of expression that you feel drawn to.

2. Remain Grounded

This is a Yang Fire Year, so under the joint influence of Fire and Metal, which is the Monkey’s fixed element, lies an exciting combination ahead. There will be a lot of creative energy around ‘doing’, getting things accomplished, overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself. As you move from one project to the next, remember to not get ahead of yourself. Stay grounded and tame that ‘monkey mind’, which often crops up when we do too many things at once. A good way to keep the mind in check is by including a regular yoga or meditation practice into your schedule. Learning the ‘Breath of Fire’ breath technique practiced in Kundalini Yoga may be especially beneficial this year.

3. Stay Flexible And Trust Yourself

In the year of the Fire Monkey, hone in on your instincts to keep you moving forward. Trust will be of importance this year and you’ll need to recognise how not to be vulnerable or gullible. If something doesn’t feel right, release it and move on. Just as a monkey swings from branch to branch, moving forward is key. If you get stuck in a situation that doesn’t improve, recognise this and forgive with grace, acknowledge the situation and then move forward with a different approach instead of trying to analyse the past.

4. Energise Your Living Room

According to Chinese Feng Shui, the living room is the Fire element room, so this room will get special attention in the year of the Fire Monkey. Pour your creativity and loving energy into sprucing it up and decorating it. In addition to giving it a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering the space, add positive vibrations to it with a fresh coat of paint (shades or reds and purples are suggested) or if that’s too much, choose furniture pieces or decorative items in these colours. A feature wall is also a subtle way of incorporating a burst of colour as is a vase of freshly cut flowers. It’s been said that crepe myrtle and chrysanthemum are lucky this year, as are orchids, peonies and lilies.

5. Be Ambitious, Be Curious, Be Inspired

Be all that you’ve wanted to be this year. The year’s Yang energy will attune you to great accomplishments and inspire your creativity and passions to greater heights. It is the perfect time for you to seize new opportunities, learn a new skill, indulge in social activities and to travel to new places. In this favourable risk-taking year, it will be auspicious to be curious, to take risks and to allow creativity to flow, but do remember to stay grounded and balanced, as this is required to overcome the obstacles that this fiery Yang year might bring.

6. Love And Pamper Yourself

Monkeys can be extravagant and they enjoy living the good life. So be kinder to yourself in this year of the Fire Monkey on all levels – body, mind and soul. Spoil yourself often, treat yourself to a chic new haircut or even refresh your wardrobe in the year’s lucky colours of blue, silver and gold. Pamper yourself as you wish; draw up a bubble bath, cook your favourite meal or get a regular massage. A great practice to start is to regularly set aside ‘me time’, time just for yourself in your special space to simply relax, be present and recharge. A little bit of TLC often goes a long way!

The year of the Fire monkey is transformative and it will be full of passionate energy, new opportunities, adventures, creativity and ambition. As well as being a fortunate year for the Monkey, Monkey’s friends; the Rat, Dragon and Snake will also have a fruitful year. It’s the year to take that leap of faith and to put your heart and enthusiasm into that project, job, travel agenda, relationship or new skill that you’ve been dreaming of. Risks will be rewarded this year, so go ahead, surrender to your dreams and don’t let the year of the Fire Monkey swing you by!