6 Ways To Deal With Self-Doubt

6 Ways To Deal With Self-Doubt


27 November 2016


As positive and motivated as one can be, it's easy to get sucked into a pool of self-doubt. It can really take a toll on you emotionally, mentally and in turn, physically as well. There comes a point in everyone's lives (and I’m speaking based on personal experience) where doubts will surface on decisions that you make in life; be it work, relationships or just about yourself in general.

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Doubt can hold you back from embarking on a path that could lead to greatness and happiness. So how do you let go of self-doubt? Here’s what I did to deal with mine.

Allow Yourself To Feel

Let yourself ask questions of why you feel the doubt, what you doubt and then list it down. The whole point is to not suppress it and make yourself feel worse in the long run. Let yourself feel all you need to feel at that point in time, and then work towards a more positive goal of leaving the doubt behind by understanding why you felt that way to begin with. Sometimes it’s just your mind being cautious about a huge decision. Either way, let yourself answer these questions and deal with them on your own terms.

Write It Down

Write down a list of your doubts and fears, and right beside that list down how it can be overcome or solutions as to how to let it go. Journals and being able to see the problem jotted down in front of you is a great way to actually 'see' the problem at hand which gives you a wider perspective as well as time to digest the thought. This allows you to think clearly and visualise an outcome rather than let the doubt fester in your mind. A more rational and level-headed decision can be made this way.

Learning Curve

Every trial, tribulation and error are learning curves. Don't beat yourself up thinking about how you went wrong but instead focus on how you can do better the next time. The idea is to grow and learn through it all, keeping in mind that this is a teaching point that builds character and makes you stronger. Self-doubt can take a step back as you embark on a new journey to a better you.

Talk To A Friend

What are friends for, anyway? When in need of someone to speak to, look for a friend who uplifts and will have an open mind to what you are going through, Once you say it out loud, your self-doubts are in the open and this is where you have given yourself the chance to seek and get advice. It's always helpful having a different perspective of ideas and thoughts as opposed to only your own.

Grow Your Confidence

If your doubt is something that can be worked on, go for it. Be it a course, classes or even internally, find ways to improve yourself and boost your confidence level to avoid this doubt from taking over. Remind yourself what your purpose it and aim for that goal. There's no stopping you once you've set your mind to it!

Be Grateful

More often than not, we tend to take the small things for granted and focus on the negative things that have happened throughout the day. Take a step back and thank the Universe daily for the little things that have made a difference; be it something small like a stranger smiling at you or even the great weather. Whatever it may be, make the conscious effort to be grateful. This will slowly push back your self-doubt and keep you going in a more positive direction.