6 Inspiring, Real-Life Stories Of Kindness That Will Move You

6 Inspiring, Real-Life Stories Of Kindness That Will Move You


13 November 2016


World Kindness Day commemorated on 13th November every year, is a day dedicated to gestures of kindness, whether big or small. Make someone happy today, make them laugh or make them feel appreciated. A small act of kindness can go a long way.

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Back in the year 1997, on 13th November, several humanitarian groups initiated a ‘Declaration of Kindness’. This declaration encouraged everyone to donate books, food or clothes to local communities and charities as a celebration. This was how World Kindness Day came about.

Even though the Declaration of Kindness was initiated to give to children in need, you can show an act of kindness is small yet meaningful ways. For instance, hold the door open for strangers, compliment your neighbour’s garden decor, tell your mother she is beautiful, tell your father he is your hero, give your security guard a cup of hot beverage on a cold, rainy day, and there are lots more ways you can be kind. What’s more, these acts of kindness don’t require much, some are even free!

In honour of World Kindness Day, here are some loving and cherishable stories we’d like to share with you - ranging from ordinary heroes and charities to random acts of kindness!

Angel of Queens

Meet Jorge Munoz, a school bus driver by day and hero by night. Every single night for the past five years, he has cooked food with his old-fashioned stove for hundreds of people in need. In the street corner in Queens, New York (just imagine how crowded the area would be) he feeds people who are unable to afford food. He has been doing this with his own money because ‘it’s the right thing to do’. What a hero!

Video link: http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=1606

Celebrating Life

After Nancy Rothstein’s son Josh passed away unexpectedly, she found ways to celebrate life by committing random act of happiness as a tribute to Josh for his family and friends on his birthday. With each passing birthday, she adds one more item to the list. What a sweet way to celebrate his life rather than mourn his death. Check out the list here!

Bilaal Rajan

A fundraiser, motivational speaker, and UNICEF Canada’s child ambassador - all before he is 20 years old. Rajan started fundraising at the age of four, as he sold oranges in his neighborhood to raise funds for the victims of earthquakes in Gujarat, India in 2001. He then continued his amazing charitable work by donating to HIV/AIDS orphans, the devastating Haiti earthquake, and one of the biggest tsunami to hit in Southeast Asia. He has raised over $5 million for various causes, making him a fundraising star for charity contributions! Bravo, young man!

The Power of Friendship

Zac Gossage, a child diagnosed with leukemia was supported by his family and friends, particularly his best friend, Vincent Butterfield. Vincent Butterfield knitted scarves and sold more than 20 scarves, earning a couple of hundred dollars to help with Zac’s treatments. As Zac was losing hair due to chemotherapy, Vincent shaved all his head to ensure Zac did not feel like an outcast. What a selfless act. Doesn’t this story make your heart melt?

Officer Brent Gaither

This act of kindness was not told by anybody but detected through CCTV. A man who had just been robbed of his wallet, bag, shoes and ID came to the office, walking barefoot for 50 miles. Seeing the man frazzled after robbery, officer Brent Gaither then bought some hiking shoes and clean blankets from a thrift store next door. “In that little moment, it made me feel great to help the man. That’s what keeps me going!”. Great job, Officer Brent! We salute you.

Video link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/humble-police-officers-incredible-act-8753716

Christmas Kindness That I Witnessed

As someone who grew up in a Western environment, Christmas is one of the most celebrated events; a time for giving and kindness. There was this one time, I saw a woman and her son leaving a grocery store and gave some fresh food to two homeless people around the area. The child then said ‘We hope you have a Merry Christmas with this meal!” My heart melted when I saw this because I thought it only happened in movies! Good job kiddo!

Together, let’s restore faith in humanity and spread the love! Show someone you care this #WorldKindnessDay.


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