4 Ways To Win The Battle of Body Shaming

4 Ways To Win The Battle of Body Shaming


27 April 2016


It's sad to read of attacks on outer appearances or body shaming floating around online - and it’s not just an issue in Tinseltown. Being told you’re not beautiful or tall or muscular or slim enough doesn’t help and we applaud those who have spoken up. 

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Most of us struggle with the very real issues of having “too much”, “not enough” and “I wish I had” attitudes we cultivate about our bodies. You’ll notice an increasingly unspoken language of sighs, frustrated frowns and sheer dissatisfaction with our physical shortfalls. We are probably all too familiar with this language and know what it means.

The media and the beauty industry bombards us with body ideals. Scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll see that there isn’t a single day that body obsession is absent. As absurd as it seems for some to feel that these assets need to be shown (off!), it’s tough not to feel some sort of “I wish I looked like that”. I know I do. Whether it’s plump lips, curvy hips, a perky derriere, flawless, wrinkle-free skin or sexy legs, there’s always something that’s bound to make us feel like we’re not enough, if we let it. And this applies to men who see images of ‘perfect’ men, too.

We’d like to share four ways for you to love yourself and win the battle of body shaming.

1. Quit Comparing

Comparison kills. Why cage yourself in a prison of insecurities and live in a constant comparison conflict? It’s time we let it go. Life is bigger and brighter than whether we are skinny or fat. Constant body-bashing and being overly obsessed eats at you and can be damaging to your self-esteem, wellbeing and relationships. Get your thoughts off your body and ask yourself a really important question, what really matters to you in life? Reflect on this, begin your healing process, build a positive body image and be on your way to banish your insecurities.

2. Re-define Beauty

Contrary to what society pressures us to believe, who you are is not defined by how you look. Your weight does not determine your worth. I have lovely girlfriends who are warm, friendly, generous and curvy at the same time. These are beautiful women. Appearance is something but not everything. On the other hand, you can have a stunning body but an embarrassing attitude – not pretty at all. Thin does not equate to happiness just as how you can be plus-sized and feel content. Nurture yourself from within and let your inner beauty shine.

3. Celebrate YOU!

In a culture where enhancements, fillers and Botox are considered normal - to each their own, we say. However, I encourage you to embrace yourself – warts and all. Learn to accept yourself, your weight and shape. Embrace your curves - choose colours, patterns and designs that best suit your body shape and personality. Make time to do what you love, unearth your talents and pursue your passions – be it baking, make-up artistry, gift wrapping, cooking, styling, dancing, photography, party planning, volunteering, the list goes on. Use your abilities to bring sunshine to those around you and I guarantee you that those warm rays will soon enter your heart and soul. Just because you always receive more than you can ever give.

4. Be A Body Buddy

While we can’t control what others think of us, we can control how we take care of ourselves, our health included. And even if you’re not overweight, you’re not necessarily healthy. (Note: skinny fat is dangerous). Our bodies work really hard for us in our countless, daily tasks - from the time we wake up and even during our sleep! Be kind to yourself, take time to self-love and self-care (only you can do that) and learn to take care and appreciate your bodies. We all can eat healthy, improve our posture, work towards being fit, groom ourselves, keep good hygiene, be positive, confident and bear a genuine smile. If you need to eat healthier, start today. Want to get rid of that arm jiggle? Tone up. Need motivation to exercise? Check out these tips. Feeling down with the negativity swirling around you? Steer clear of that toxicity. Where there is a will, there’s always a way. Rock on!

Beauty is about being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out.

Let’s speak a new language and help each other see our beauty. #loveyourself #keepitreal

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