Know Your Chakra-Healing Crystals
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Know Your Chakra-Healing Crystals


30 September 2020


Crystals are incredibly beautiful with their hues and tones. Not just worn as accessories (though advisable due to their properties as well as beauty), crystals can help with your healing and chakras. It's not as easy as it seems though, as there are many different layers to knowing your crystals and how to use them for your benefit.

Here’s an easy guide for you to understand how it works.

General Rule Of Thumb

Chakra stones are crystals used for healing purposes with specific vibrations and colour to create healing for each chakra. All your chakras have different purposes and so do the crystals for them. Your chakras have their own colour energy - use that as a guide to which crystals work best. Certain chakras are more sensitive to specific stones.


Crown Chakra

Starting from the top, your crown chakra is the core for enlightenment, inspiration, positive vibes and happiness. When unbalanced, this chakra causes stress and the inability to have clear thoughts. In turn, this messes with your purpose and further plans. Amethyst (purple, the colour of the crown chakra) or clear quartz crystals work best to align this chakra with its ability to give clarity and balance.

Third Eye Chakra

Known for being the chakra that enables you to organise and prepare you for life, more often than not, the third eye chakra is a tricky one to handle as it’s very intuition-based. If your thoughts are clouded and the vision for your purpose isn't clear, it's time to get your crystals to charge this chakra. Amethyst also works for this chakra, but so do Fluorite and Angelite. It's definitely a matter of preference which crystal feels right to you.

Throat Chakra

The throat being important for speaking, this chakra is one that allows you to speak the truth and express your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Not being able to articulate your thought process and speaking before thinking are often what happens when this chakra is not at its best. Using stones such as Aquamarine (blue like the chakra), Sodalite and Blue Apatite work great.

Heart Chakra

When it comes to the matters of the heart (think relationships and feelings), that's what this chakra is about. The feeling of being unloved and also being disconnected from people you love, could lead to you overreacting and getting emotional when not necessary. Aventurine and Rose Quartz are known for the energy of love, be it with someone else or even self-love. Use those crystals to get you back on track with this chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The ability to control and take charge of your life, and to have complete power over what you are as an individual is what this chakra is known for. When you feel like these aspects of your life are slipping away, align them back again to feel focused and gain confidence using crystals such as Citrine and Yellow Jasper.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra’s key focus is on energy flow for you body and wellbeing. The lack of motivation, the feeling of being uninspired and lethargic all come from this chakra not being at its optimum balanced stated. Tiger's Eye and Carnelian are great crystals that work wonders for this chakra.

Root Chakra

Taking into account your physical body and how you treat it, the root chakra plays an important role with how happy you are with yourself. Safety and security is another aspect of the root chakra. To ensure it is balanced and your temper is intact, use Red Jasper and Garnet.

Do keep in mind that each of these crystals, due to their individual properties, work in different ways for different people. There are also crystals that are good for the home, such as Selenite - it's known to be great for clearing out spaces - homes, offices & cars. Yup, crystals can be used for physical spaces too! Trust your instincts and feelings when it comes to using them.

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