How To Prepare Yourself For 40 Days Of Meditation
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How To Prepare Yourself For 40 Days Of Meditation


30 August 2016


When it comes to having complete control of your mind and its well-being, there's no better way to achieve it than through meditation. To be honest, it's far from being as easy as it sounds, especially if you take on the challenge of doing it for 40 days.

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It's believed that the mind has cycles and 40 days is what it takes to develop a new habit that will be instilled in your daily process. More than anything, this practice is something that shows your will and strength of wanting a change in your life. The idea is to focus on what you'd like the quality of your life to be, be it starting a new habit for good or breaking a bad one to enhance your sense of being.

It’s easier said than done, but going through a personal emotional downward spiral led to a revamp to improve the quality of my life. From feeling less self-worth, to constantly feeling exhausted, peace of mind seemed like a path that would be a great change.

Here are a few things I had to do to prepare myself for my 40 Days Of Meditation.

Make A Pact

The easiest thing to do is to lose focus, but if you wholeheartedly believe it’s time for a change in your life, and are completely serious about it, make a pact with yourself. Journal your daily progress and note down thoughts, ideas and how you can further improve this process as you go along. Alternatively, get a friend on board who wants to change their lives too, and make a pact with them; that way you have someone to keep you motivated and keep you going.

Create A Space

Meditation is all about relaxation, so create a little area for yourself at home where you can be completely at ease with your thoughts and breathing. It could be a small corner of your room, a spot on your patio, or any space that enables you to get lost in your thoughts with no interference. Your sacred place should be one that makes you feel better, energises you and allows you to relax fully.

Have A Ritual

Just like you have morning rituals to help you start the day, you should have a meditation ritual too. Create a ritual for yourself that lets you unwind and prepare your mind. It could be something as simple as a shower. Mine is having a nice warm bath using lavender scented soap for its calming effect.

Time Is Everything

Give yourself a time frame to meditate in and try to stay within that frame. If it exceeds that time, great but do not shorten the period of which your mind should be completely relaxed and your intentions clear to the Universe. It helps give a balanced structure to this process and in turn, makes it easier to relax.

Use Different Elements

There are many different aspects and methods to meditation, try a few to see which works best for you. There's no set rule for meditation and you can even alternate ways that you do it. Use a mala, essence or essential oils for smell, a prayer bowl or soft music for hearing, have tea for taste and a statue or image for sight. All the elements combined can make meditation more interesting and in turn, evoke a new sense of wanting to continue the journey.

Choose A Mantra

A mantra doesn't have to be something spiritual - it can just be a phrase or even a word that you want to get out to the Universe that resonates with you. Keep in mind that chanting can be done out loud or not; it’s a matter of preference. Either way, make it a point to make it through 108 times for the best result. I use a different one daily and on some days, I just repeat easy Sanskrit mantras for the sound vibrations.

As I embark on this journey of meditation, these methods have proven to be helpful. Once my 40 days of meditation is complete, I’ll be back with updates on how the whole experience has been. Wish me luck!