Balance Your Emotional & Spiritual Energy With PurelyB’s NEW Crystal Chakra Healing Candles!
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Balance Your Emotional & Spiritual Energy With PurelyB’s NEW Crystal Chakra Healing Candles!


25 January 2022


There’s nothing more relaxing than dimming the lights and lighting a scented candle to perfume your surroundings with refreshing and enticing aromas. Ahhh, pure bliss! But what if we make that ritual better, by adding healing elements to the candles?

If you’re looking for a natural healing solution to feel connected with your emotions, improve focus & motivation, or reduce stress & anxiety, then check out PurelyB’s Crystal Chakra Healing Candles! A beautiful collection of hand poured crystal healing candles, infused with Bach Flower emotional healing remedies and crystals cleansed in the ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, designed with the intent to align and enhance your energetic needs.


What Makes Our Chakra Candles Unique?

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Infused with Bach Flower healing remedies to help resolve emotional unbalance

For decades, Bach Flower Remedies have been used to gently help balance our mind, body and spirit by encouraging and enhancing our positive emotions. When we’re balanced, self healing can take place, whether it be ailments, illnesses or mental healing such as stress, anxiety and fear. Only then can our life become better. 


Promotes flow of good energy with healing crystals

Discover a hidden gem (literally!) at the bottom of every candle jar. Crystals are believed to act as a power hold for healing as they attract positive energy to flow into the body. Healing with crystals is a form of therapy whereby the vibrations and frequency within each crystal work with each other to uplift your mood, mind and health. Not to mention, they look pretty too!


Helps support & empower vulnerable mothers

Each candle is individually hand poured-to-order by single & vulnerable mothers in Malaysia who are the caregivers for their family. As a social enterprise, Ibuprenuer prioritizes positive impact, and we want to help create opportunities for this community to empower them with skills and provide a platform to showcase their talent. We believe that equal opportunity for women and girls everywhere creates a brighter future for all. 


Made in Malaysia, vegan, 100% natural & non toxic 

Not all candles were created equal. Certain ingredients in candles can actually cause more harm than good. Therefore, we use only high-quality and premium ingredients such as 100% soy wax and cotton wick, perfume grade fragrances and essential oils to ensure safe and healthy use of candles in every household. 


How Our 3 Crystal Chakra Healing Candles Help Support Your Inner Peace & Wellbeing

Each chakra within our body serves a different purpose and releases specific energy flows. With this in mind, we designed our candles to be able to tap into those chakra points to cultivate awareness of your body, mind and soul naturally.


DEWY ROSE with Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra)

DEWY ROSE with Rose Quartz

The heart chakra, or Anahata (in Sanskrit) is the fourth primary chakra within our body which serves as the source of love for oneself and others, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Awaken your heart chakra with our Dewy Rose candle, used to create a bridge of love and well-being for all.

Infused with Bach Flower Essences like Centaury, Chicory, Gorse, Holly, Water Violet; these essences promote a warmer relationship with yourself and others, a sense of faith and hope despite current physical or mental problems, and allows you to become more in touch with what you truly want. 

The stone of universal love, Rose Quartz, restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Purify and open your heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Calming and reassuring, it also helps to comfort in times of grief. 


VETIVER OAK with Hematite Crystal (Root Chakra) 

VETIVER OAK with Hematite Crystal

The root chakra, or Muladhara, is located at the base of your spine - it provides you with a base or foundation for life. Feel a sense of security and stability with our Vetiver Oak Candle, used to improve focus, passion, prosperity and vitality. 

Infused with Bach Flower Essences like Hornbeam, Oak, Rock Water, Vervain; these essences are sure to restore strength and vitality in life, acceptance within oneself, and determination without domination. 

Embedded in this candle, the Hematite crystal grounds and protects us by strengthening our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. A "stone for the mind", our Vetiver Oak Candle stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.


SWEET SANDALWOOD with Citrine Crystal (Sacral Chakra)

SWEET SANDALWOOD with Citrine Crystal

Known as the second chakra, the sacral chakra is located two inches below your belly button which governs your emotional wellbeing, creativity, intimacy, and self-expression. Awaken your pleasure and passion with our Sweet Sandalwood Candle, used to remove mind blocks and increase your courage by bringing your ideas into actuality. 

Infused with Bach Flower Essences like Crab Apple, Impatience, Olive, Vine; experience the feeling of certainty of your strengths and ability while staying calm, wise and relaxed when taking a broad view of every life’s event.

The citrine crystal energises every level of life by cleansing the chakras and opening the intuition. It enhances concentration and revitalises the mind, promoting motivation, creativity and self-expression. Balance your emotions by imparting joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm while releasing negative traits, depression, fears and phobias with our Sweet Sandalwood Candle.

Ready to find the balance you deserve? Experience emotional and spiritual balance with our Crystal Chakra Healing Candles! Coming to you soon this February so sign up to our waitlist and be the first to know - you don’t want to miss it!