A Space Just for You!
Meditation & Spirituality

A Space Just for You!


29 January 2016


“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again” - Joseph Campbell

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There are times when we want to fully embrace and love our life exactly as it is, right now in this moment. There is a tendency to use up precious energy pointlessly. Too much thinking can cause tiredness and frustration in the long run. By working on ourselves to create inner peace, which ultimately is our deepest desire we are more likely to manifest a reality we truly need.

Before we can digest any information, we have to get grounded, ready to receive rather than start off with a scatterbrain. Grounding means to be present, not looking to the future and pondering on the past. It means feeling supported, safe, stable and totally in control of your life.

A good start to create a grounding, supportive environment is to create a sacred space in our homes. This is a special go to area where you will not be disturbed. This is where you will be able to sit in meditation and contemplation. This is a space that feels good to you and that creates the good vibes. Within this space, place items, possessions and images that are most precious and sacred to you. Go wild with your creativity! You can use a gorgeous piece of material to cover a table and place any special crystals, statues, photos, artwork, candles, incense or any other objects that are special to you and inspire a feeling of love, calm and peace.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. In fact, by just doing, you are in fact meditating. As you create you are naturally in the moment, focusing on your loves and as creators - we LOVE doing this kind of thing. What is important is how this space makes you feel. If you already have a sacred space then take some time to give it some love, perhaps change where it is, give it a spring clean, perhaps take some old things away and replace with a new objects on there even place some gorgeous, freshly cut flowers or a new plant there. Remember, anything that makes YOU, feel good.

Next, allocate some time for yourself, have a pen and notebook handy, then when you are ready, light a candle on your table, sit in a comfortable seated position ready to get quiet. Close your eyes and just breathe. Take as long as you need. Inhale for 4 counts...hold for 4 counts...exhale for 4 counts. Keep repeating this until you feel stillness. Absorb the present moment; notice how it makes you feel. Relax and let go. Then take 10 minutes (even more if you are loving this feeling) to sit quietly still with your eyes closed and contemplate on all the things in your life that you are grateful for right now.

Allow yourself to include anything and everything, there is no right or wrong way of doing this. Include even the little things like having time for yourself, someone who smiled at you today, someone who called you to ask how you were or nature or animals near your home. You could start by saying 'I am so grateful and thankful for....". Take your time as you do this, as you really want that heartfelt gratitude to sink in and permeate your whole being, raising your vibration and creating energy - grounding energy.

Then, when your ready open your eyes, start to write down at least 10 of the things that you feel most grateful for (or those pop into your head first). This is a practice that can be done each evening after your day. This is also wonderful to do with children, who are completely in the present moment.

You may be surprised just how many gifts you receive every day and how your gifts multiply!