4 Benefits Of Thinking During Meditation
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4 Benefits Of Thinking During Meditation


25 September 2016


When it comes to meditation, you’ve probably heard that you need to have a clear mind to achieve the peace you want from meditating. Each individual is different however so this may not work for everyone, in fact it may cause the opposite effect and be stressful, strenuous and difficult for those who are unable to still their mind. Fret not, if you happen to be one of those people (because I'm one too!). You can always opt for what works best for you, and in my case, it's thinking during meditation.

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After a one-on-one yoga session, I spoke to my teacher about how I was unable to empty my mind to which she gave me a very simple answer - that my mind works in a different way and therefore I should meditate in a way that feels right and comfortable to me. Taking those words into consideration, I embarked on my own research and I found that many others were having the same problem. Imagine my joy when I found out that thinking during meditation has its perks too. What are the benefits you might ask? I've got the inside scoop.

Priority Thinking

The idea behind thinking while meditating is so you can pay attention to key factors and important things during the process. Your mind (or mine at least) is never fully still. As I try my level best to not think, that's when floods of thoughts start. Slowly as you allow your mind to navigate through these thoughts, you manage to prioritise what is important and worthy of being accessed. This can even help you work on a list of things that you should be focusing on, and how to achieve your optimum goal.


Sometimes your mind will wander and make you think about things that have affected you as a person, be it good or bad. Take the time to think and reflect on what you've done, let it go, and move on. Think about how you can be kinder to yourself, give yourself the love you deserve and make a mental note to do some good that day. Self-reflection is a personal way for you to understand and love yourself more.

Plan Your Goals

Think about how you have a list of things you'd like to achieve. Narrow it down and think about how you will work towards achieving them. Thinking during meditation is a great way to be calm, cool and collected when dealing with something that could be highly stressful. Think about your goals, but make it a point to navigate your mind into a positive thought. This way, you make it a point to work through the thought without self-inflicted anxiety.


The way you treat yourself through these meditation sessions will amount to how you treat yourself afterwards. Make it a point to think of what you've done right, how happy you felt about something that day, or even just make it a point to send out good vibrations to yourself. The key to self-love is knowing that no matter what, you've got this and you can do anything you set your mind to. So set your mind to love yourself. More often than not, we focus on the negative and that in turn drains you. Through meditation, you can make conscious decisions to stay positive.

The benefits of thinking during meditation is personal to each individual, however these four benefits helped me through the process of realisation and gradually self-acceptance. Give it a go.



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