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6 Tips To Help You Not Overpack For The Holidays!

6 Tips To Help You Not Overpack For The Holidays!

It’s that time of the year when many people will be heading off on their holidays. And whether you’re going near or far, what you’re going to have to do is pack – and that’s the part that some people dread; packing for a trip can be complicated!

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I used to be pretty terrible at packing and tended to pack way too many things; many of which would remain unused or unworn on the trip! And while I may not be the best at it now, I have certainly improved. Here are some of the things I’ve learned to control my overpacking habit!

Plan your activities

Although you’re not expected to have a full itinerary planned for your holiday, you should have a rough idea of what you’ll be doing on your trip. Is it a beach holiday where you’ll spend the majority of your time lying on the sand? Or a city holiday where you’ll be doing a lot of exploring? And will you be doing a lot of walking? Sporting activities? What about meals in fancy restaurants?

Knowing what you’ll be doing will help you pack sensibly. After all, there is no point in packing a swimsuit if you’re heading to a winter destination, or bringing a pair of high heels when you know you’ll be hiking in the countryside.

Know Your Destination

Do some research on your holiday destination - what season is it there and what’s the weather like? Some places can have fairly unpredictable and inconsistent weather so although it may be summer, you may still have to pack a wrap or a cardigan along with those summer dresses. Is it the rainy season? Pack accordingly. Will the sun be beating down on you? Pack appropriate clothing, and sunglasses and sunscreen! Low temperatures where you’ll be heading? Then make sure you pack warm clothing. 

Pack By Outfits

This is one tip that has helped me the most. I used to shove whatever I could into my suitcase… just in case. And surprise surprise, I usually don’t end up wearing half of what I pack. Now what I do is pack with specific outfits and pairings in mind ie no more packing 10 tops for a week’s trip when I’ve already put in five dresses. My rule now is to pack two outfits for each day with maybe two extras. And I can usually whittle that down to one a day too if I know I won’t be heading out too often. And pack shoes according to your outfits.


Most hotels provide the basic toiletries that you’d need, but chances are you’d want to bring some of your own. The temptation to bring everything in your bathroom (again, just in case!) will be there but remember, these will take up valuable space in your suitcase. Only bring the necessary such as your skincare products.

Make a list

Packing without a list most definitely leads to overpacking! You may start out very sensibly then start to worry that you may have forgotten some things, and you’ll end up shoving more stuff in until your suitcase is full. So make a list to help you be more organised, and this will also reassure you that everything you need is packed and ready to go. And you most definitely don’t want to fill your suitcase to the brim if you plan on doing some shopping; which brings me to my next point.

Pack Your Bags

Packing some bags in your bag may seem silly but you’ll be glad of the extra packing space, especially if you plan on doing some shopping! Pack some shopping bags or large totes that you can use to cart your shopping back home; best choices would be the ones that zip up to ensure that chances of stuff spilling out are zero.

Although I may not be the best packer, I have certainly gotten better at it. Having said that though, my bags do seem considerably fuller whenever I’m packing for the trip home (even with extra bags!). I’ll let you know when I’ve figured out a way to solve this problem!

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