Tiny habits to help create a healthier relationship with food
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Tiny habits to help create a healthier relationship with food


4 May 2020


Have you ever considered what your food relationship is like? 

Many of us take advantage of our food. We eat whatever we like, whenever and wherever without the consent of our body. Especially during stressful times like with COVID-19 or perhaps after our fast during Ramadan, we eat to ease our stress and we overeat. 

Food should be seen as our source of nutrients and we should be grateful that food is something that keeps us alive. However, by eating randomly, unhealthily and eating more than we should we become slaves to our food. Eating more than needed could affect not only your physical health but also your mental & emotional state.

For example, unhealthy eating, eating foods full of bad fats, foods that are high in sugar or lack fiber causes us indigestion, increases the chance of obesity and affects our mood. This is certainly not a healthy relationship between us and food. 

Food should sustain our body, not otherwise. This is why we need to develop new habits so we can make peace with our food. But this could be hard for some of us. Therefore, here are a few tips to try so you can improve your relationship with food. 


1. Engage in calm and mindful eating

In every meal, try to practice being calm instead of rushing to dig into the food. Make sure you sit in a proper position and look at your food mindfully. Use your senses on what you consume - smell the aroma, and acknowledge the taste. Give all your attention to your plate, eat slowly and ditch all the gadgets around you. When you do this, not only does the food taste better, it will help with better digestion too.  


2. Stop being guilty for eating yesterday’s junk food

What you ate yesterday does not define who you are. So, stop punishing yourself and being guilty. No one eats clean every day. It is never too late to start a new journey with clean eating. By making yourself start a new eating style free of guilt, you give positive energy to yourself to improve your health and support your emotions during stressful times.


3. Be grateful and treasure what you have on your plate

Learn to be more grateful for your food. Cherish the fact that you have a meal to eat today, unlike the underprivileged. When you do this, you will start to realize to be more responsible for your choices of food, and choose  food that can nourish your body - because not everyone has access to that. 


4. Practice the 80/20 concept

As mentioned, not everyone eats healthy food every day. It is totally okay if you don't feel like eating healthy some of the time. Maybe you can try to have 80% of your meals healthy, while 20% of your meals are allowed to be a little flexible. This little treat will prevent the feeling of deprivation and overeating.  


5. Be more responsible for your food and body

Food gives us the nutrients needed to keep our body healthy. But the wrong choice of food can make us sick. We only live once, and the body given to us is a wonderful instrument. Therefore, it is our responsibility to look after our body so it is healthy and fed with essential nutrients. A healthy body keeps our minds and soul optimal. 

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