Podcast Review: First Business Asia
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Podcast Review: First Business Asia


23 September 2020


image credit: https://fitnessbusinessasia.com/

Are you running a brick and mortar wellness or fitness business but struggling to overcome niggling issues such as staffing, marketing or daily operation? Especially during COVID-19 and this year, the name of the game has changed. For better or for worse, it’s our responsibility to keep updated with whatever is happening to give yourself and your business the best fighting chance.

In this day and age, it is becoming more and more challenging due to the increased market competitiveness, consumer's expectations and demand from employees. As a service provider as well as employer, there is a lot more to juggle on a daily basis and as a result, this leaves many business owners scratching their heads for solutions for the challenges now and in the horizon. Passion and drive alone usually aren’t enough to succeed and often new fitness business owners underestimate the gravity of the project they’re starting. And if you live in South East Asia, the geography comes with limitations - support, network, & so on. 

On the flip side, the health, fitness and wellness sector is experiencing rapid growth in Asia and there is a wealth of opportunity, if the execution is done right. With this in mind, a buddy and ex colleague of mine Jack Thomas has created a podcast called Fitness Business Asia with a vision to create Asia’s number one fitness industry resource for coaches, fitness business owners and investors. The Fitness Business Asia Podcast was created to serve a need in Asia’s fitness industry for quality business advice. Since 2018, the show has helped many fitness business owners across Asia survive, thrive and serve the people that need quality gyms, studios and coaches to stay fit and healthy.

The podcast host Jack Thomas, who is also the founder and CEO of BASE in Bangkok is determined to help those in the fitness industry develop the skill set needed to run booming businesses that inspire and ignite their communities. For me, it has been the go to channel to discover the common pressing issues and the solutions implemented by many other successful studios. Additionally, Fitness Business Asia podcast has been an instant recommendation to anyone out there who reached out to me for help in their fitness and wellness businesses and the feedback I got was never short of excellence!

Do you have a podcast habit? Is there a specific podcast you enjoy? If so, do share some of your recommendations as we’re always looking for new ones to add to our playlist queue!