6 Self Care Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020
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6 Self Care Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020


18 December 2020


What better way to spoil the people you care about than with a gift that makes them feel better?

Especially after such a surreal and hectic year, where the focus has been more on just keeping the head above the water, rather than on self-care.

While this holiday season certainly is going to be different than those in the past, it's the ideal time to slow down and help people you love to recharge.

If you're looking for the perfect self-care gift to spoil someone special, we got you covered with these gift ideas, suitable for different people and budgets.


1. The Relax & Restore Self-Care Wellness Kit

For those who never put themselves first 

relax and restore self care wellness kit

This is the ultimate self-care gift for those in your life who always put their own needs aside for others. It includes all kinds of goodies! Like Pegaga, an Asian superfood blend that cleanses, nourishes, and detoxes your body. As if that wasn't enough, Pegaga has an anti-anxiety, calming effect as well.

A Back Flower Love & Positivity Face Mist, a gorgeous rose quartz crystal, natural soap, meditations, and so much more, are also a part of the package to ensure maximum relaxation.

This is the perfect gift for the most selfless people in your life, because it's about time they kick back and focus on themselves for once. 

2. DIY Bath Salts

Scent & Self-care with a personal touch 

DIY scented Bath Salts

If your loved ones need to unwind, why not treat them to a jar of beautiful, scented DIY bath salts? Not only does this gift encourage self-care, but it's also homemade, which adds a personal touch to it! And don't worry if you're short on time, it’s extremely easy to make.

All you need are:

  • 3 cups of Epsom salt

  • 2 cups of sea salt

  • 1 cup of baking soda

  • 15-20 drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil (perhaps lavender or eucalyptus).

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, with the essential oil last. Put the complete mix into a glass jar, and voilà - you just made your own signature bath salt!

For an extra elegant look, tie a ribbon on the jar, or find other unique ways to decorate it. This is a simple, but thoughtful and surprisingly easy, DIY gift! Who will be the lucky receiver?


3. Bach Flower Remedy - Set of 4

For big life changes and when a reminder of "you're amazing" is appropriate 

Shopify BachFlower kit designs

This set is the ideal gift for someone who’s going through big life changes or simply needs an extra boost of morale and confidence! It includes four of our signature Bach Flower Remedies: Courage Tincture, Focus Tincture, Energy Tincture, and Hope Tincture.

Simply choose the remedy you need most at the moment. Put four drops into a glass of water, and drink it four times a day. Alternatively, place four drops directly under your tongue.

This unique gift set is the ultimate way to show your loved ones that you believe in them, and give them that extra boost of confidence. What a great friend you are!

4. DIY Lavender Sachets

Encourage good sleep and fill those stocking stuffers

DIY Lavender Sachets 1

How to better encourage sweet dreams and a good rest, than with homemade lavender sachets that can be placed under your loved ones’ pillows? These make lovely stocking stuffers and are incredibly easy to make!

You only need:

  • Some dried lavender

  • Leftover cloth (like from an old t-shirt or pillowcase)

  • A scissor and a measuring tape

  • A needle and thread. 

Measure and cut the cloth to the size you prefer (typically two pieces equal in size, shaped as small squares). Then sew up all the sides together, apart from one. Fill the little pocket with lavender and sew up the fourth side. That’s it! Now you have a lovely, scented, homemade gift.

4. The Healthy Indulgent Package

Treat someone who would like to eat healthy without compromising on the taste 

healthy indulgence package

The perfect package for your loved one who’s trying to eat healthier, but doesn’t want to compromise on taste! This deluxe gift box comes with four jars of naturally sweetened, plant-based, gluten-, and dairy-free snacks.

It includes goodies such as premium roasted mixed nuts, delicious granola, PEGAGA Bliss Balls (naturally sweetened with dates), and tasty low sugar, grain-free cookies. Treat someone with the gift of healthy indulgence this holiday season, and see faces light up.


5. Mama Love: The Post-Natal Care & Wellness Kit

The perfect kit for the new mums in your life

Image 1 1 1

Did someone close to you become a mum recently? This kit is a lovely way to show you care and offer her some helpful support during this new phase in her life. 

The Mama Love: Post-Natal Care & Wellness Kit is full of traditional Asian remedies that midwives and medicine women have been using on new mothers for centuries. They warm the mother’s body and helps her heal.

The kit includes:

  • Pegaga (which helps boost milk supply and optimizes overall postnatal recovery),

  • The Bach Flower tinctures “Calm” and “Peaceful Sleep” 

  • A belly firming herbal mask

  • A postnatal tropical boreh body scrub 

  • Postnatal care tips

  • A healing meditation video 

This thoughtful gift offers new mamas exactly what they need for postnatal recovery! 


6. The Superwoman Package

The energy boost for the Superwomen you care extra about 

super woman kit

This gift package will give you or a superwoman in your life the boost needed to take on the world. It’s limited edition, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

It gives a much-needed boost of energy, nourishment, and strength with products like delicious low sugar, grain-free cookies, a box of eco-friendly organic sanitary pads, a bottle of the Bach Flower Remedy “Courage,” and a package of PurelyB’s banana and chocolate overnight oats!

What better way to end the year and kick off a new one?

These 6 gifts are sure to make your loved ones feel special this holiday season! Each one represents so much thought and love and encourages the people in your life to take some time for themselves once in a while. Because if there’s one thing all of us need to do more during these challenging times, it’s to practice some self-care.

With every purchase you make, PurelyB contributes RM5 to Madhya’s Gift fund by Yayasan Chow Kit to provide care for critically-ill children below the age of 5.