5 Malaysian Brands That Are Changing The Wellness Industry
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5 Malaysian Brands That Are Changing The Wellness Industry


14 September 2021


At PurelyB, we’re all about supporting homegrown brands, so what a better time to do that than on Malaysia Day itself! Here are 5 of our favourite, quality local brands that have made a great impact in improving the health and wellness of not only people in Malaysia, but all over the world.

In honour of Malaysia Day, we're running a massive giveaway together with these local brands where you have the chance to win prizes worth over RM600 and enjoy a wide range of goodies such as PurelyB’s Pegaga, Tiger Milk Mushroom and Overnight Oats, neetbites’ freeze-dried fruit snacks, Cocova’s high quality dark chocolate, Breakfirst by Amy’s handcrafted nut butters, Earth Heir’s reusable face mask and Perfectly Tea’s Power to Create and Sweet Heart tea! Click here to enter the giveaway, you don’t wanna miss it!


neetbites - Freeze dried snacks. No preservatives, no nasties
Screen Shot 2021 09 13 at 9.54.03 AM

Outer space and astronauts - are these the first things that pop into your mind when you hear ‘freeze-dried snacks’? Freeze drying became a very popular culinary technique when NASA used it to create freeze-dried ice creams for astronauts. But thanks to neetbites, we can enjoy good quality freeze-dried snacks too, while living comfortably on Earth. 

neetbites is a healthy fruit snack company born out of MCO 3.0 that sells premium high quality freeze-dried fruit snacks. Freeze-drying technology is used to draw out moisture from the fruit, resulting in a light and airy texture, while retaining 96% of its nutrients, aroma and flavour! Their range of freeze-dried snacks include fruits like red apples, Korean strawberries, mango and yoghurt cubes. All their freeze-dried snacks are made using 100% real fruits, with zero added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavouring. Not to mention, they are highly nutritious, and low in fat and calories! 

neetbites’ most unique item has got to be the freeze-dried yoghurt cubes, flavoured with real strawberries, blueberries and peach! Not only are they fun and colourful to look at, they add a great boost of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamin C and of course, a light crunchy texture to your breakfast bowl!

Instagram: @neetbites

Where to get it:wa.me/601151616398


Cocova - All natural & guilt free dark chocolate indulgence
Cocova D2 1

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Even if you think you don't, try Cocova’s all natural, guilt-free and decadent dark chocolate snacks, and you’ll surely change your mind! 

Apart from fibre and antioxidants, high quality dark chocolate is loaded with minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. These nutrients support digestion, optimal heart health, mood, slow down signs of ageing, and more. 

Cocova’s mission is to serve Cocoholics with all natural and high quality chocolates made from single origin cacao ethically sourced from Malaysia, India and Vietnam! From 68% dark chocolate buttons, dark chocolate coated nuts, raw cacao nibs, dark chocolate hazelnut spreads to cold steeped chocolate drinks, each chocolatey snack is crafted with love and care for our health. They are also low in sugar, with no flavour enhancers or artificial ingredients, while still maintaining a rich flavour to satisfy your cravings!

Instagram: @cocovamy

Where to get it: https://cocova.co


Breakfirst by Amy - Unique small-batch, handcrafted nut butters


You’ve heard it so many times…”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. For so many reasons, a well-balanced diet should include morning meals. Eating a nutritious breakfast helps regulate your blood sugar level, kickstart your metabolism and improve heart health.

If you catch yourself running a bit late for work or school every morning, then Breakfirst by Amy’s nut butters should be your new best friend. Made with premium ingredients, their nut butters also have an extraordinary nutritional profile. They’re full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which helps to increase your ‘good’ cholesterol while lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Choose from a wide range of unique flavours. Such as their best seller banana bread cashew & almond butter, matcha cashew butter, black sesame peanut butter and even espresso almond butter. Smooth and delicious, you’ll probably want to eat them by the spoonful!

Instagram: @breakfirstbyamy

Where to get it: https://breakfirstbyamy.com


Earth Heir - Keeping the art of weaving alive

If you grew up in Malaysia in the 20th century, you would have most likely learned the art of weaving in art class at school. Weaving dried leaves is an artform that has been part of many indigineous culture in SouthEast Asia. In Malaysia, mengkuang, a type of plant that grows wildly in the woods, is used to create household items like food covers, floor mats and baskets. Nowadays, brands like Earth Heir use mengkuang to weave fashionable statement pieces like purses, handbags, jewelleries and so much more!

Earth Heir is known for their immaculate and thoughtful weaving designs, handcrafted by hundreds of talented craftspeople - including traditional artisans and refugees, while being conscious of the community and environment around them. They aim to raise the value and revival of heritage craftsmanship by combining design, fair trade principles, training and enterprise. Not only that, Earth Heir is continuously working to build sustainable livelihoods for underserved communities around Malaysia.

Instagram: @earthheir 

Where to get it: https://earthheir.com


Perfectly Tea - Health tea that empowers wellness
perfectlytea 1 scaled

An absolute must have at your next tea party! To me, the perfect cup of tea needs to make me feel refreshed and energised throughout the day, and calm and relaxed at night. It should also have all the essential nutrients that keep our body healthy. 

Flavonoids in tea leaves are rich in antioxidants, which is beneficial in reducing daily oxidative stress that can lead to chronic diseases. Moreover, the caffeine content in tea is ​​lower than that of coffee and does not have an abrupt effect on our body. 

Perfectly Tea is crafted by women, for women. They strive to inspire and empower all women to achieve their perfect state every day, one tea cup at a time. All their teas, including their best sellers, the Power to Create and Beauty Sleep Tea are made from premium ingredients without any chemicals - for a fuller flavour and deeper aroma. Their flavourful blend of fruits, herbs, flowers and tea leaves would wake up all your senses and leave you wanting more!

Instagram: @perfectlytea

Where to get it: https://www.perfectlytea.com

Who says we can’t eat nice things to stay healthy? So, which of these local brands are you gonna try first? ;)


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