5 Do’s For A Productive Home Office
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5 Do’s For A Productive Home Office


27 April 2016


Working from home is a freedom that few can afford but it also comes with a greater sense of responsibility. Being left on your own to work without anyone keeping an eye on you requires discipline as it is easy to be swayed by the many distractions in your surroundings.

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But by keeping these few things in check, you’re very likely to be on the right track to productivity!

#1 Go By That One Rule

Think of the single most distracting habit that sneaks up on your work space and keeps you unproductive. It could be that time spent on Facebook, the incessant group chats on the phone or it could even be the TV news! Whatever it is, grab it by its neck and shove it down the bin. Distinguish your work time from these distracting habits. Set a rule so as to not go online socially for the entire work time if you have to. You’ll thank yourself for it after a day of amazing productivity.

#2 Set Small Work Goals

Working at home means you’re responsible for yourself. Don’t be deceived by the ‘flexible hours’ chant and get derailed from your focus. How much work that gets done by the end of the day depends on what you have set forth to achieve in the beginning. Make a note, list out specific goals for the day and be sure to cross them out as you proceed. This way, work actually gets done and it’s all accounted for!

#3 Home Office Is Real, Believe It

Treat your home work space as a place strictly for work as how you would a corporate office. Avoid having meals, parties or turning it into a makeshift bedroom as you fancy. Your work space should function for one purpose alone so that when you walk into it, you have the ‘work mode’ on by default. Make your office appealing and comfortable as per your needs. Burn some essential oils to keep you alert and focused, and have a green plant at the corner or whatever else you fancy to make it your office. Owning your space leads to a sense of belonging that leads to productivity and progress.

#4 Take A Break

Go for a walk, make yourself a healthy snack, look out the window, doodle, stretch or even catch the 3pm news in between goals! These little 10 – 15 minute breaks not only keep you from getting bored but studies have shown that they also help you re-evaluate your goals to stay focused. Our brain is not designed to stay focused for an extended period of time so taking a break after a block of work time is sort of a revival that leads to better work productivity.

#5 Keep Clutter Free

Clutter does not only refer to a table with stationery and papers strewn all over it but it also means documents, images and work-related materials stored in your laptop or computer in an unorderly fashion. Your environment determines your productivity. A space full of clutter can affect you psychologically by demotivating and preventing you from giving your best work. Clutter also causes procrastination and time wastage when you can’t find the things you need, eventually leaving you unfocused, directly damaging your productivity. Get organised, keep your work table clean and minimal, catalogue your paper works, label your documents and colour-code your projects.

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