10-10-10 Method to Reduce Worry/Anxiety
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10-10-10 Method to Reduce Worry/Anxiety

Stress is inevitable, especially considering the overstimulation of day to day life. Not only are we bombarded with personal problems but due to mainstream media we are also bombarded with problems from around the world. How can these problems, personal and non-personal, be navigated in a way that is manageable?

Welcome the 10/10/10 rule!

What It Is

A columnist and former editor of the Harvard Business Review, Suzy Welch created the 10/10/10 rule as to balance work and family. The rule revolves around prioritising in a considerate manner by asking three questions, as follows:
  1. How will you feel about the consequences of this choice 10 minutes from now?

  2. How will you feel about this 10 months from now?

  3. How will you feel about this 10 years from now?

Of course, these three questions can be personalised to fit whatever situation or emotion you’re attempting to handle - this is why the 10/10/10 rule is immensely effective!

Personal and Non-Personal

The best part of the 10/10/10 rule is that it can be applied to personal and non-personal problems too. Lately, the mainstream media has been covering climate change in detail non-stop which may have made you feel all types of anxious for the future of our planet. So using climate change as an example for a non-personal problem, the 10/10/10 rule can be phrased as follows:

  • How can I help this problem 10 minutes from now? Realistically speaking, addressing the problem(s) of climate change would require more than ten minutes

  • How can I help this problem 10 months from now? By changing lifestyle habits (such as by switching from environmentally degrading companies to environmentally friendly companies) and participating in volunteer work (such as picking up trash)

  • How can I help this problem 10 years from now? By remaining consistent with your actions and by raising awareness on the matter, like Greta Thunberg

The solutions above are simple but remember, the aim of the 10/10/10 rule is to simplify - to realise that our reactions shouldn’t last for months or years but that our actions should. Most importantly, that our actions should remain acceptable down the road. When considering things long-term, perspective is simultaneously enhanced which may even boost your work performance!