Yoga for Happiness

Yoga for Happiness


28 March 2016


Yoga is renowned for boosting the mood by changing your body’s chemistry and helping you to just breathe and focus on the present. Developing a good routine will restore natural balance to the brain's chemistry and will have you calm, collected and ever ready to face the day.

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Here are a few techniques for understanding and breaking free of negative habits.

1. Meditation – Meditation produces and promotes beneficial brain chemistry. There are many meditation guides out there - books, sound guides, or even apps. I make it a routine to meditate every Monday morning for 15 minutes to boost my week ahead.

2. Keep a gratitude journal – Focusing on the positive things in life can be difficult, especially when it seems like everything is going wrong. Jotting down the things you are thankful for, even if it’s just one a day, keeps your mind focused on the positive. Keep a gratitude journal and be surprised at how much you have to be thankful for.

3. Pay it forward – doing something good for someone else, whether big or small, is a great way to surround yourself with good vibes. Helping someone around you instantly boosts your day, and theirs as well. Kindess makes the world go round.

4. Tree pose – You can practice this pose anywhere to instantly focus and centre yourself. Standing on one leg requires balance and concentration in the present moment. The moment your mind wanders you will wobble. Turn up the outer corners of you mouth, lift your arms, look up to the sky, and try closing your eyes.

There you have it! Yoga for a good mood. I hope you are able to feel happier and establish a lifestyle that makes full use of the tools we each possess to control and improve our own psychological and emotional health.

Liv Lo