Yoga for Beauty

Yoga for Beauty


15 May 2016


Yoga is a beauty enhancer - when you feel good, you look good too. Before and after yoga I have a beauty routine to ensure I am always looking my best and taking care of my skin.

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No Makeup

Before I start my yoga session, I make sure that I remove all my makeup. During yoga we sweat, even more so in hot yoga. Often, girls in my class come with a full face of makeup. This is a big no-no as our skin cannot breathe with makeup on and our pores will end up clogged with impurities. So make sure you remove your makeup before you work out.


Inversions are poses that lift the feet above the head. When you invert your body, you reverse the blood flow allowing fresh blood to stimulate facial capillaries. It is often said that yogis look younger than their years, and inversions could be a contributing factor. Some common poses include legs-up-the-wall, shoulder stand, plow pose, and headstand. You should practice these individually and build slowly.


Nourishing your body is important for beauty. There is a lot of talk about how much water to actually drink. I feel better when I am hydrated, but to be honest, sometimes I get bored of drinking plain water, so I spice my water up with different ingredients to make them even more satisfying. Forget pre-packed or bottled waters, I naturally flavour water with fruit combinations to nourish my skin and get a vitamin boost.

Good sleep

Sleep is the most powerful rejuvenating treatment of them all because it is at this time that your body heals and repairs itself. If you are feeling restless before bedtime and have trouble settling down for the night, try some yoga to help you sleep. Practising some simple stretches in candlelight or in a dimly lit room will help calm the mind.

And there you have it - Yoga for Beauty. I hope you try my yoga beauty regimen and incorporate yoga into your lifestyle for a younger and healthier you.

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