How Breathwork Detoxes Your Mind And Body. And Why You Should Try It!

How Breathwork Detoxes Your Mind And Body. And Why You Should Try It!


12 October 2020


What is breathwork? Simply put, breathwork is the art of manipulating your breath for a desired healing effect. There are many types of breathwork, each of which is associated with a different type of healing and result - but the root of breathwork is within Pranayama - the ancient Indian art of breathing technique. 

The types of breathwork could fall on a spectrum - at the lighter end of the spectrum would be relaxing breathwork techniques great for sleep, anxiety or to calm the mind. Then there are also practices that are good for recovery (for athletes) and to help with ailments such as constipation, headache, colds and more. At the far end of the spectrum are more intense practices of breathwork which can be used for healing & therapy. Here, breathwork is employed as a tool to work with emotional issues.


Why breathwork?

Western psychology as well as Eastern principles both believe that all the experiences we go through in life are stored on our body. So when we don’t process our experiences, or fully feel our experiences and instead brush them aside, these experiences find their way onto our bodies & these show up in our tissues and can result as chronic illness manifestations.

Our bodies are designed to respond to stress but prolonged unmanaged stress can over activate the nervous system which leads to a variety of chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, fatigue and more. 

This is why it’s important to process your emotions, experiences & feelings to your best ability - and not suppress them or brush them aside regardless of how hard it may be, how much time it takes and or how silly it may seem. Using breathwork, we are able to access these parts of ourselves that store these old experiences and emotions so that what’s stuck there begins to unpack, surface & begin to release.


How is breathwork conducted?

We close our eyes, find a space that's quiet & comfortable and free from notifications & distractions. If you’re using a lighter form of breathwork, sitting down comfortably with your spine supported is okay. But if you’re using a more intense form of breathwork which serves as a healing tool, it is recommended you lay down. 


What are some benefits of breathwork?

  • To help clear out emotional blockages

  • To help quiet the mind

  • To help us release troubling past experiences & trauma

  • To help us  with making big decisions in life

  • To help us break free from patterns we find ourselves repeating

  • To help us release old habits

  • To help us feel a deep sense of joy & peace

  • To help invoke a deep sense of relaxation

  • To help detox the mind

So if you’re ready to experience the benefit of the tool of breathwork to help you detox your mind and calm your anxiety, we are offering you a session through our  LIMITED EDITION Relax & Restore Self Care Wellness Kit where you’ll be able to experience a breathwork session, plus a sound healing session and also enjoy goodies like Bach Flower Remedies, rose quartz, selenite crystals & palo santo - and so much more!