Breathwork Practice That Could Change Your Life

Breath of Bliss: A breathwork practice that could change your life


7 January 2017


Breathwork is a type of practice that invites more relaxation, stimulation and energy into our nervous systems and bodies by using our breath. It’s an age-old practice whose lineage stems from healing traditions used by aboriginal and indigenous peoples who used mind-altering forms of breathwork, often in shamanic healing rituals designed to access help from visible realms. Much of the breathwork practiced today is a result of it resurfacing in America in the 1960-70s. There are different modalities being taught and practiced all over the world, such as Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing Breathwork, Clarity Breathwork and Breath of Bliss, just to name a few.

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As a Breath of Bliss facilitator living in Malaysia, I hope to see more people exploring breathwork this year. Breath of Bliss has been offered at our very own MURFEST over the past few years and there certainly is a growing interest and awareness of the benefits of deep-breathing exercises and breathwork practices not only for our bodies, but minds and souls. On a personal level, breathwork has brought me a lot more clarity, empowerment, love and also helped me recognise, address and heal areas and relationships in my life in which I wasn’t being 100% authentic.

So what is Breath of Bliss

Breath of Bliss is an innovative practice that draws on the work of Advaita, Science of Mind, Tantra and a vast array of conscious loving-life tools and exercises that amplify your sense of wholeness, being and authenticity. Through movement, sharing, music and interactive activities, perceptions are heightened and consciousness quickened to encourage easier access to our feelings, invite speaking from the heart, generate wonder and live in discovery. Using the breathwork technique of ‘circulated connected breathing’; a connected breath moving through the mouth without pausing between inhales and exhales, the breath is able to flow deeper thus inviting more expansion into both our physical and energetic bodies.

What happens in a class?

Throughout the breathwork practice or journey as it is often referred to, the facilitator leads the class intuitively with vocal guidance, positive and empowering affirmations, music and sound healing. Because of the variety of techniques and tools used, Breath of Bliss creates powerful experiences of heart opening, connection to mind-body-self and awareness. For those who do release all inhibition and travel deep on their breathwork journey, it is not uncommon to feel a flood of emotions and physical sensations or even experiences of awakening in which a sense of feeling connected to your heart and Self, passions or even your life purpose has never been more clear or intimate as before.

Other things you should know about Breath of Bliss:

  • It is a practice that fuels you with energy so that you can create more of what you love in your life
  • Breath of Bliss can be a very powerful way of inviting more abundance, happiness, love, clarity, creativity, peace, relaxation and so much more into your life
  • Breath of Bliss is a loving, ‘Yin’-type, ecstatic and transformative practice in which a safe, sacred space is created to massage open your senses and allow you to express whatever is needed
  • It is welcoming and supportive, in a Breath of Bliss we believe that no one needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’, we are whole and perfect just as we are
  • After a session, it is not unusual to feel strong feelings of love and bliss, to be filled with gratitude and peace and perhaps even heightened sensitivity or clarity in your emotions and awareness
  • Breath of Bliss is designed to be best experienced in a group

If you’re interested in learning more about breathwork, trying Breath of Bliss or if you’re a regular ‘breather’ wanting to connect and attend classes, please write to me at [email protected] for more information and updates on the latest Breath of Bliss sessions.

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