5 Must-Try TRX Workouts For Super Toned Abs!
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5 Must-Try TRX Workouts For Super Toned Abs!


10 December 2015


The TRX is one of my favourite fitness equipment as it is super easy to use and it gives your body a great workout. As it is unstable, all your muscles have to work together to keep you stabilised, with extra effort needed from the core.

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Note: Always remember to keep your belly engaged by drawing the belly button towards your spine in order to support your lower back. Should you feel pain in your lower back (the spine) engage your belly even more or place your hips a bit higher. If you have issues with your wrists, you can perform the following exercises on your forearms as well.

So let’s get started.

To start with, try putting your legs into the TRX slings and holding a forearm plank. If you feel comfortable in this position, move on to the exercises below.

TRX Plank


Put your legs in the slings and then push yourself up into a full plank position. Here experiment a little and shift the weight in various directions, holding the position for around 60 seconds or however long you can. Take a break and then move on to the next exercise.

TRX Mountain Climber


In the same position as before, start pulling one leg to your chest as close as possible – inhale, switch to the other leg and repeat the move on an exhale. Continue for one minute.

TRX Tummy Tuck


Now try to pull both legs together towards your chest. Exhale as you pull them in, inhale as you extend.

TRX Pendulum


After you take a short break (and make sure your lower back still feels fine), go again into a plank position with your core tight. From here, start to swing slightly side to side so that you feel your waist working.

TRX Pike (+ Pushup)


Last but not least: one of my favourites. Starting again from a plank, start to push your hips towards the ceiling, keeping your legs straight. As you inhale, go back to plank – exhale and pike again. You can also add a push up: each time you come back to plank, do one push up before you go back to pike again.

You can use these exercises as a circuit and repeat all of them one or two more times. Have fun and feel that core working!

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