The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Easy Exercise
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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Easy Exercise


28 January 2017


There are some people who are incredibly motivated to work out, getting excited at the thought of spending time in the gym or a yoga class, and there are some people (just like me!) who dread the very idea of having to do any form of exercise. I'll be honest here; I understand the importance of exercise and how beneficial it can be to me especially in the long run. I know that it not only keeps me healthy physically and makes me strong, it helps ward off diseases and also makes me feel better mentally. Yet with the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, more often than not I’d rather spend those gym hours sleeping or doing something equally sedentary, or something fun.

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I decided that I had to step up in terms of my health because I was falling ill and feeling lethargic so often that I needed to find ways to boost my immune system and take better care of my health. I started incorporating exercise into my daily routine and it has truly changed how I look, feel and just am.

Here's my four step lazy girl's guide to easy exercise. I guarantee you, if I can do it, you definitely can too.

A Little Goes A Long Way

I stay on the third floor of an apartment building and I've never used the stairs, thanks to the convenience of a lift. Taking into consideration I was trying to get fit, I started doing one floor of walking and treated myself (because it felt like a treat when my thighs were burning!) of taking a lift for the next two floors. This continued until I no longer felt that burn, and I walked two flights of stairs, and now, I can do three easily. It was a little change to my routine and took me about ten minutes maximum of time difference. Incorporating easy workouts like this into a daily routine can really make a huge difference, be it something like walking to the grocery store, or parking further to take a stroll to work.

Incorporate It Into Your Social Life

Twice a week, my best friend comes over to my place so we can have a swim-date. This has been such a fantastic idea because it not only means I get to spent amazing quality time with my best friend but also, manage to get some exercise in. There are so many other ways you can do it too - sign up for dance classes, go for walks or do a sport. With good company and the right motivation, it doesn't seem like such a drag.

Workout While You Watch TV

Nothing intense, just start off with yoga stretches and throw in some weights when you feel like it. Trust me, after a few sessions, you’ll look forward to it and you'll be pumped up and motivated to do so much more. I indulge in several television series so I plan an easy set to complete before each episode ends. Besides, you'll be distracted enough to not focus on how much work you're putting into the exercise. All you need is the discipline to follow through.

Reward Yourself

Treat yourself! Be it a little cheat snack, or buying yourself something pretty; it's great to reward yourself for following through. This was probably my biggest motivator to work out. I set a goal to accomplish along with what I could treat myself to if I managed to reach that certain goal. If I reached an easy target, it was something like indulging in a slice (just one!) of sinful chocolate cake, and moving on to bigger treats like the gorgeous pair of heels I've been eyeing. After all, if I put in the exercise to tone up the legs, I might as well have pretty heels to flaunt them in!

The whole idea behind the lazy girl workout is to get out of the habit of being lazy. The best advice I can give is to find a zone of exercise that you are comfortable with and push yourself as you go along. The first week may seem daunting, but it eventually gets easier and soon, you'll even look forward to it because of how great you feel after.

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