Social Media Star Search: Be PurelyB’s First Ambassador!
Weight Management

Social Media Star Search: Be PurelyB’s First Ambassador!


6 February 2016


As part of our mission to help you become healthier, fitter and happier versions of yourself, PurelyB is proud to announce the search for our 30-Day Weight Loss Social Media Star!

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The journey to losing weight can be tough, and it is disheartening when your efforts don’t seem to produce any results. It is also easy to fall prey to trendy diets that claim to help you lose weight rapidly in a short span of time. While these may work in the short-term, they are often detrimental to your health and you will inevitably regain the weight once you resume your usual lifestyle.

The trick to achieving optimal weight loss in a sustainable way is ultimately a change in lifestyle. This doesn’t have to be anything drastic but the correlation is clear – you are overweight because of your lifestyle, hence a change is needed in order to lose the weight. Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe not, but with a little discipline and guidance it is definitely possible! Which is where our programme comes in.

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Programme

Our 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge programme has been carefully designed by Hollywood celebrity trainer Dave Catudal to help you reach your weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable way. We understand the difficulties some may face in the journey to losing weight and this was taken into consideration in the tailoring of this programme which is designed to help you make and adopt long-term lifestyle changes. With fitness and mindfulness videos, healthy recipes and even food delivery services, it is our endeavor to make things as simple and accessible as possible. And of course motivation is an important factor. Apart from being motivated by your desire to look and feel good, we have decided to up the ante by offering you a little something special below!

PurelyB’s Social Media Star Search (Exclusively from 5 Feb – 16 March 2016)


Sign up for our basic or premium 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge programme and stand the chance of becoming our social media star and first ever ambassador. As an added treat from us to you, you will get special discounts if you sign up with your friends! As our PurelyB Ambassador, you will be entitled to exclusive healthy living privileges, be given access to our team of health experts with a special diet, fitness and wellness plan customised just for you, receive attractive cash prizes and more!. If you are the lucky winner, you will also be featured in our upcoming health and wellness TV programme “B Healthy” in collaboration with Astro Malaysia.*

*Terms and Conditions apply

How do you join the search?

Take advantage of our special group offers (Up to 20% off!) and sign up for our 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge programme with two or more friends from now til 16th March 2016. You will then automatically be enrolled in our Social Media Star Search – it is that simple!

What will you need to do to win?


We will be keeping track of your weight-loss journey (from 5 Feb till 20 April’16) via social media (of course!). Simply document your progress and journey on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram throughout the programme and tag us @PurelyB with #PurelyBWeightLoss #[YourName]. The winner will be chosen based on:

  • The most online engagement (number of posts, likes, comments, shares);
  • The most significant transformation;
  • The most inspiring weight loss story.

We welcome everyone to join this challenge!

If you’re based in Malaysia & Singapore, you have the added option of signing up for our PREMIUM programme where you can also get our custom menu of healthy and delicious weight-loss meals delivered to you daily.

If you’re based in other countries, you will still be eligible by signing up for our BASIC programme.

The competition will officially end on 20th April 2016.

Sound good so far? Visit for more details! We look forward to seeing your transformation and sharing your exciting journey with you.

Join the challenge today!

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