Lisa Surihani: What Helped Me Shed The Baby Weight
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Lisa Surihani: What Helped Me Shed The Baby Weight


14 March 2016


For many women, motherhood is a major, but beautiful stage in life. Having a baby certainly is as delightful as it can be overwhelming, and for many new mums, taking care of their little bundle of joy takes precedence over everything else in life – including their own health and wellness! New mum and one of Malaysia’s most popular actors Lisa Surihani knows this all too well.

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During her postnatal confinement, Lisa entrusted PurelyB to help her get into the swing of healthy living through the 21 Days To A Better Body programme. “I realised I needed to pick up healthy eating habits some time in life so why not now? After all, I’m not getting any younger!” Lisa exclaims with a laugh.

However, she shares that she had a bit of a predicament – she didn’t know where, and how to start. But that was before she came across PurelyB.

“I felt like they could help me. But in all honesty, before this programme I didn’t really have the habit of eating healthy,” admits Lisa. ‘I had always been used to eating anything and everything I wanted, so when I was introduced to this programme, I really wanted to give it a go.”

During and after the 21-Day programme, the popular actress notes that knowing she was nourishing herself with wholesome foods that were good for her, she felt good too. Lisa, a tremendous fan of the wrap-based meals and anything with coriander in it, also loves how the programme inspired her to explore healthy food options. “I like how PurelyB instills in us on how we should observe and listen to our body. The prompts on the site also give me an idea on how to gauge how I feel after a week of the programme, while encouraging me to be mindful of the few not-so-good days.”

Although Lisa reveals that she was tempted to return to her old habits after two weeks on the programme, the motivation and desire to eat and live healthily prevailed. “It’s all about implementing the lifestyle,” she adds. Lisa also shares with PurelyB her top five tips to eating healthily:

  1. Just start.
  2. Have goals. For example, drinking three litres of water a day.
  3. Have a well-balanced diet. Avoid allowing your carbs and proteins to outweigh your vegetable intake.
  4. Encourage your family to eat healthily with you.
  5. Have fun with it!

“When you equip yourself with knowledge of what you are consuming, you’ll become a more well-informed consumer while grocery shopping. And there are loads of healthy recipes on PurelyB for you to try and start out with,” explains Lisa.

Lisa also credits her family as being huge cheerleaders during her journey to a healthier her - “Even with eating habits, it’s good to also have a support system that eats healthily with you!”

Lisa loves the fact that the programme was flexible enough to accommodate her busy schedule.

“I managed to get through the programme! I think it’s workable even with a busy schedule and not such a struggle,’ she says. Lisa’s only regret after completing the programme? “I couldn't commit to an exercise regime because I was on set and the hours were pretty hectic,” she says ruefully. But she lauds the programme for making sustaining a healthy lifestyle more accessible to all. “You know how in Hollywood, the artists and celebrities actually have nutritionists, dietitians, and personal instructors by their sides? I now know that everyone can have all that with PurelyB, whether you are a celebrity or not!” she remarks gleefully.

So what are Lisa’s overall thoughts on her experience with PurelyB’s 21-Day Programme?

“PurelyB is helping me understand that I have to organise my life well if I want to achieve a healthy and balanced life. I can attempt to eat healthy food as a lifestyle, but I must also find the time to keep fit.”

The young mother also stresses on how balance is key during anyone’s journey en route to a sustainable, healthier lifestyle - “What is also paramount is to not set myself on overdrive. We may want to lose weight, but we must do it safely. Thus, rest is important. PurelyB has shared that a lack of rest or sleep does have detrimental effects. And we must also maintain healthy and regular bowel activity.”

Lisa revealed that the programme helped her to gain some interesting insights on what food can do to the human body. “When I returned to eating not-so-healthy foods, I really felt a difference. I just didn't feel as good, as healthy, or as light as when I was on the programme.”

Lisa loved the way the programme made her feel that she returned for seconds! She is well on her way to sustaining a healthier lifestyle, not just for herself, but for her family too.

To sign up for PurelyB’s 21 Days To A Better Body, click here.

Image Credit: Lisa Surihani’s Instagram / @peeksbymin @prettypeektures on Instagram.