You Won’t Believe This Fitness Specialist’s 3 Surprising Hacks For Staying Fit

You Won’t Believe This Fitness Specialist’s 3 Surprising Hacks For Staying Fit


31 July 2018


We’ve all imagined at some point that “one fine day” in our lives when time, energy, resources and even motivation all come together, we’ll finally be able to take the necessary action needed to get into a fit and healthy lifestyle. And sometimes we even justify how things just manage to work out for the inspirational fitness role models we look up to, but not for us.

The fact is, that “one fine day” might not come and some of the fittest and healthiest people are also the busiest people in the world — Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Zuckerberg have all given partial credit for their success and happiness to staying active.

So what does it all come down to?

Here are 3 empowering hacks to assist you with having a fit and healthy lifestyle that sticks.

1. Knowing that to be happy, you’ve got to move your body too!

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Life is sometimes a pursuit of happiness. Happiness is a word that is usually associated with the mind and how we perceive what life gives us. But have you ever thought that a happy mind without a happy body simply does not equate to the quality of life that we are after? 

As Tony Robbins, the world’s most successful life coach known for transforming lives of millions once said “motion creates emotion”. Don’t look any further than to simply start moving to achieve the way you want to feel!


2. Keeping it simple

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Complication is the enemy of execution. If we really look at the things we procrastinate on or put off doing, quite often the case will be that we failed to simplify the process. Redefining what it takes to be fit and healthy is the first step to overcome this challenge.

Fitness is not about a long term hefty gym membership, it’s not about keeping up with others, it’s not about having the “go hard or go home” mentality and it’s not about making huge sacrifices to hit the gym 6 days a week 2 hours per session. Instead, it starts from simple acts such as taking the stairs, giving up the fight over car park spaces closest to the shops, having a simple stretch routine in the morning before shower to awaken all cells within our body or even playing the sports you enjoy.

Start by implementing little, easy-to-follow habits and routines and slowly build on it when you have the capacity to.


3. Knowing who your friends are

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“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn. It’s never easy to do it all alone and it’s always going to be a challenge when your environment does not support you to live the healthy lifestyle you want.

Start taking notice of who you spend time with the most, the kind of conversations you are engaged in and the activities which are carried out together by you and your closest five friends. Make new friends if necessary because like-minded people will give you the inspiration you need on days you are not quite on point.

Best places to meet fit and healthy people? An accessible fitness class studio will be the easiest option followed by engaging in outdoor fitness activities such as hiking, paddling, frisbies or rock climbing — there are often events for these which can be found over social media event platforms. You are bound to meet someone who will give you the growth you need in health and fitness.