Valentines Day - Family Style

Valentines Day - Family Style


11 February 2020


Valentines Day changes a lot when you’re in full on adult mode. It sure takes a 360-degree turn if you have children. Most couples who have been with each other for awhile will admit they don’t do anything for Valentines day, and if you have kids, chances are you’ll wholeheartedly agree.

This is totally fine of course, but if you’re neglecting yourself, and not prioritizing your relationship with your partner and have not taken out time to do something interesting for yourselves (with or without the kids), it's time to rethink things.

When we have kids, most holidays become just another family function. So riding on that wave, we want you to take this Valentines Day, and celebrate it family-style, with kid friendly activities. This will give you the chance of doing something new together, without any TV or phones present, while having a ton of fun (in the name of love).

Here goes:


1. It’s all about chocolate, right?

Cooking is a great hobby that involves your hands and the ability to get those creative juices flowing. It’s also enjoyable for people of all ages - young and old. You can get the kids to do the “fun” things like mixing and stirring while you and your partner can be responsible for the things that require more caution. Since it’s V-day, we suggest the children’s cookbook Covered in Chocolate which has plenty of cupcakes, cookies, shakes (all heavily ridden with chocolate - of course). If you’re more into hot chocolate, we suggest making a Superfoods Hot Chocolate.


2. Game night

Our favorite is Monopoly, but this does depend on the age of your children. Either way, there are rules to put into place. Firstly, no TVs, iPads and phones are to be present. Next, pick a game you know your kids will enjoy (this will ensure they’re engaged and don’t try to sneak off mid game). Don’t forget to serve the Honey & Pegaga Cider Tonic - it’s a way to sneak in something really healthy into the evening!


3. The great outdoors

Section off a chunk of three or four hours in the evening, early morning or at some point during the weekend to do something with mother nature. A hike? A swim? A long drive? Some gardening? We don’t have to tell you the benefits of being in nature so this is the perfect excuse. 


4. Volunteering

It’s the day of love, so why not share it with someone else in need? There are a ton of shelters, orphanages and NGOs that would welcome your time. A great way to to teach your children the importance of sharing, and looking out for others, this is a sweet little way to really make an impact in the lives of someone in true need.

Do you have a unique or special way you spend Valentines day? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a note on Instagram or Facebook!