Stuck for gift ideas? Gift by personality types!

Stuck for gift ideas? Gift by personality types!


8 December 2016


The countdown to Christmas has begun! The excitement of Christmas and welcoming the new year never gets old, and what better way to celebrate these special events than letting your family members, friends, and/or loved ones know how much they mean to you?

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Cherish the people you love most with special gifts; ranging from personalised to purchasable gifts. The art of gifting can be a difficult one to get a handle on, but knowing the intended recipient’s personality type will help greatly in choosing a suitable gift.

The Myers-Briggs Type indicator divides personalities into four; (I) introverted vs. (E) extroverted, (S) detailed thinking vs. (N) big picture thinking, (T) logical vs. (F) relational decision-making, and (J) planning vs. (P) spontaneity. Find out which type of personality they are!

Here are four examples of personality types, see if you recognise any of your loved ones in the examples below:

The Duty Fulfillers - ISTJs; known as responsible and dependable individuals who have a knack for details and are able to concentrate on long-term tasks. They strive to live life peacefully, organized and safely. They have desired dreams and goals which they will strive hard to achieve!

ISTJs appreciate gifts in favour of their hobbies, e.g.: if they like health and fitness, give him/her exercise equipment, pay for their gym membership, invite them to exciting fitness classes, etc. (they are not dependent on expensive gifts!) Also, they appreciate the security of the well-being for their properties and families. As a symbol of their security, gift them with a safe, lock, (or if you are a couple; his and hers bracelets to symbolise security with each other) etc.

The Performers - ESFPs; known as the fun people! They live life making any situation fun, care-free and enthusiastic! Their philosophy in life is to live their days, and not worry about the past or future - which sometimes runs the risk of running into sticky situations - but they are always filled with positive energy!

ESFPs appreciate experiences more than tangible things. They prefer surrounding themselves with people they adore whilst taking on an exciting adventure, e.g.: comedy show, concerts, karaoke bars, theme parks, mountain climbing, skiing, ice-skating, etc. A majority of ESFPs love physical activity as stress relievers, therefore taking them out to explore and create memorable experiences together would be a great idea!

The Executives - ENTJs; known as natural-born leaders who are assertive and not afraid to voice their opinions. They are able to understand problems and find solutions to them as fast as possible. They give out a charming confidence, intelligence, knowledge in value and culture. They like to be the center of attention, i.e.: speaking in front of a group rather than be the audience!

ENTJs appreciate efficiency. Gift them with something to maximise their efficiency in their basic day-to-day errands; which can be as simple as light bulbs, batteries, set of body wash & shampoo, etc. or you can help them be more efficient with their time, e.g.: organise their wardrobe, complete their chores, cook for them, etc. Also, they love to obtain knowledge as much as possible; get them books in the field of their interests!

The Idealists - INFPs; known as humanitarians who will cherish their loved ones. They are extremely loyal, and will not turn their backs on what they believe in. Typically, they tend to go with the flow, but will voice their opinions if their values are being abused. INFPs are individuals who enjoy expressing themselves through forms of writing, than speaking.

INFPs appreciate voicing their opinions and thoughts through writing; so get them creative notebooks or journals, and any stationery to accompany their writing (unless they prefer writing on devices). Also, INFPs appreciate that you respect the people they love, e.g.: if you are in a relationship with an INFP, treat your boyfriend/girlfriend to dinner along with their family members, etc.

There are more personality types according to the Myers-Briggs indicator. Hopefully this inspires you to start preparing your gifts for your loved ones!


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