PurelyB Healthy with Fressko

PurelyB Healthy with Fressko


29 October 2015


We all know the importance of keeping hydrated but sometimes a convenient drink to pick up on a busy day may not be the healthiest option. 

At PurelyB, it is our mission to help others lead healthier lifestyles and to make those healthier options convenient and accessible. To that end, PurelyB is proud to present Fressko - flasks that allow you to BREW AS YOU GO. 

Be Kind to Mother Earth, to Others and to Yourself 

Fressko, a Melbourne-based eco-conscious company is the producer of beautifully designed double-walled flasks that will keep your drink hot or cold for hours and are all totally leak-proof – quite possibly making Fressko flasks the ultimate drinking flask! The flasks are also 100% BPA- and chemical-free.

Brew As You Go 

With a Fressko flask, you can just pop your ingredients in and let the flask do its work. It literally just takes a few minutes for you to make yourself coffee, tea or fruit-water, and out the door you go. And Fressko flasks are also ideal for your smoothies and juices. 

Stylish Design 

Fressko flasks are also easy on the eyes; beautiful to look at and probably the only flask that receives compliments on its appearance!
So bid farewell to the flasks of yesteryear and get yourself a Fressko. You will be doing yourself and your health a huge favour, and also giving Mother Earth a helping hand by not buying any more (unhealthy) drinks in disposable packaging.

Stylish and healthy – what more could you ask for? Your choice of Fressko flask awaits you below.


Pick your favourite Fressko Flask and place your PRE-ORDER with us NOW


Pre-Step: Join the PurelyB family and get delicious and healthy drink recipes

Step 1: Pick your FAVOURITE Fressko product(s) and send in your personal details, including:-

  • Size and Quantity of Fressko Flask(s)
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Step 2: Upon confirmation, you will receive an invoice to make your payment.

Step 3: Your order is complete! You will receive a confirmation of your order via e-mail.

Step 4: Enjoy your healthy journey with PurelyB x Freskko!

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FRUIT-WATER – Simply remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, unscrew the bottom component, add your desired fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, lock the Short “Infuse” Filter component back into place and let the water soak up the nutrients.

TEA – The use of the 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter allows any tea drinker to manually control the strength of their tea. Pop out the filter, unscrew the 2 components, add your fresh tea leaves or tea bag, screw the filter back into place, insert back into the bottle, add boiling water and let the Fressko Flask do the rest. Can be used for iced-tea too!

COFFEE – Remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 Filter, add your most enjoyed instant coffee blend, screw lid back into place and go.

The product is made with double-walled glass to ensure the contents stay hot (while remaining soft to the touch) or chilled for several hours with a leak-proof bamboo lid.

NOTE: Coffee, Tea, Fruit and Water NOT included.

CAUTION: Use boiling water responsibly.

WARNING: Although our flasks are made of the strongest glass, beware that glass can break and you should always handle with care.




Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately, No. Currently we are available at Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

How do I receive my Fressko?

You may receive your Fressko via shipping or pick up from our office.

Office Address:
PurelyB Sdn Bhd
Suite L-3A-9,
No. 2 Solaris Mont Kiara,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

How do I clean my Fressko Flask?

It is recommended to wash the bamboo lids & bamboo RUSH in warm soapy water but feel free to place the glass flasks in your dishwasher... but like all glass products, handle with love!

How do I use my Fressko Flask?

It has been designed that your Fressko flask to be simple and versatile.
It can conveniently be used for all your favourite beverages!


Fruit water – Fill with your desired fruits, add water, pop in the short filter and let it infuse.
Tea – Add loose leaf tea or a tea bag to your long infuser (be sure to use both parts of your filter) place in Fressko flask, add boiling water. Steep to your desired strength.
Smoothies /Juice – simply fill your Fressko flask with any juice or smoothie of your choice. Generally with smoothies they are of a thick consistency so remove the filter completely.


This flask has been designed to be an on the go flask for coffee lovers.
Simply add your favourite brew and off you go!
However Fressko have added in a short filter so if you want to brew tea just pop the tea bag or loose-leaf tea in the flask. Add the short filter, fill with boiling water and you’re ready to roll.

Return & Refund Policy

If you have received a faulty item, PurelyB will offer a full refund (excluding all shipping costs) pertaining to the order. 


- Please notify us of the faulty item 3 days upon receiving it by emailing [email protected]. Kindly include a copy of your invoice, a picture of the faulty item and your reason for returning it.

- Once your claim has been approved, our Customer Service officer will be in touch to advise on collection and refund options.

*Please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] if you have further queries.

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