Our Highlights of BaliSpirit Festival 2016

Our Highlights of BaliSpirit Festival 2016


4 April 2016


Camaraderie, freedom, fun, positivity and harmony captured the essence of BaliSpirit Festival 2016. With health and wellness presenters and participants from across the globe, Ubud was the place to convene from 29th March – 3rd April.

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In its ninth year running, BaliSpirit was a celebration of global convergence of yoga, music and dance. Not your typical music festival, BaliSpirit united people from every continent – a beautiful community of those desiring to awaken their spirits, nourish their soul, be rejuvenated in their bodies, give back to the community or meet new friends - think feel good vibes all around. PurelyB was delighted to collaborate with BaliSpirit this year and thrilled to be at this much-anticipated event.


The welcome at the Bhanuswari Resort & Spa in blissful Ubud was breathtaking. Our excitement only grew as we explored the site; from the kaleidoscope of yogis zen-ned out on their mats to witnessing hangab’, a meditative relaxation method where the person is inverted or hung upside down. The diverse daytime workshop line-up was exciting, we wished we were omnipresent! The streams comprised Yoga and Meditation, Dance and Martial Arts, Healing and Breathwork, Self-Development and Seminars, and Kids and Family Programming.


Among our highlights were the Bad Assana Bhakti Flow session by world-renown yoga practitioner and instructor Tymi Howard and acclaimed DJ Taz. It was serious fun as we rocked the Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice infused with music, humour and spirit! Whether you were a beginner or an advanced yogi, everyone was soon curling, bending and stretching into various poses. We were even encouraged to dance and sing along with the beats. Little wonder then that very soon, a spirit of gratitude and celebration of life filled the air! Liberating? Absolutely!

The combination of martial arts, dance, game, acrobatics with music, singing and clapping was very inviting. We found ourselves in the Capoeira: Jogo de Dentro session by Sugeng Madeira. Trying out this Afro-Brazilian art form was definitely enjoyable as we worked on building our strength, flexibility and balance while learning to build connections with ourselves, our partners and the Earth. It was a close game as we played low and tight – rhythmically intense and harmonious all at the same time!

The Dharma Fair Market held during the day was a nice spectacle abuzz with vendors selling yogawear, jewelry, craft and cosmetics and food booths serving healthy vegetarian fare, coconuts, vegan gelatos, fruit juices, Luwak coffee and more. Wonderful, soothing melodies and tunes were heard from the Coco Love Stage featuring live performances by talented singers and musicians. The Healing Huts were a haven for those needing a massage or those in search of direction as guided healers and readers were at hand.


The excitement did not end there. After sunset, the Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA) came alive with the night concerts. Passionate about celebrating diversity, the Bhakti Nights and One World One Stage concerts were like magnets, drawing music and traditions from across the world, from electronic folk, percussion to hip hop and ecstatic dance. The message of love, peace and positivity was the common thread holding everyone present together.

The organisers of BaliSpirit had a mission that extended beyond creating an atmosphere for personal transformation and sacred celebration, they believed in giving back to the local Balinese community through creative outreach initiatives. BaliSpirit Festival supported the HIV and AIDS education programme, ‘Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS’ (Come On! Let’s Talk About HIV & AIDS), the reforestation initiative, Bali ReGreen, Kryasta Guna – an effort to preserve the Balinese culture and also partnering and working together with various non-profit organisations.

The BaliSpirit Festival is truly a celebration of harmony, culture and the environment. We returned refreshed and rejuvenated from all the love, laughter and of course, yoga, music and dance! Missed BaliSpirit Festival this year? Head over here to get a glimpse of the festival and experience the magic yourself at BaliSpirit Festival 2017!

See you there!


The PurelyB Team