Adriana Lima's Secret To Fighting Off Sugar Cravings

Adriana Lima's Secret To Fighting Off Sugar Cravings


29 July 2016


A slice of indulgent chocolate brownie or a dollop of velvety ice-cream. Resisting these aren’t easy. The struggle is real. Often times, when the craving for something sweet kicks in, it’s often too easy to reach for something that’ll satisfy those taste buds, quick and fast.

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“I’m immune to sugar cravings,” said no one ever. Hey, even the Royal Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate Middleton didn’t shy away from readily sharing how she conquers her sugar cravings. Her trick: almond milk + berries smoothie.

Ever wondered how supermodels deal with it? While it may be not apparent from their good looks and sculpted bodies, they too do have sudden attacks of sweet tooth, just like mere mortals. We were mighty curious and wanted to share the intel we got from the longest-running Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima.


Credit: Instagram/@adrianalima

This Brazilian beauty has stood the test of time in the fiercely competitive modelling arena. Ranked as No. 2 on Forbe’s List of Top-Paid Models, her career longevity is testament that looking good alone doesn’t cement success for you as a model. It takes more than that. Learning to be healthy and well from the early stages are equally important. We’ve got to say, Adriana’s got it right.

Credit: Instagram/@adrianalima

Her little trick on how she curbs her sugar cravings for the rest of the day begins in the morning. She puts a little honey in her morning cup of coffee. This, she says, stabilizes her sugar levels (true!) and fends off her cravings for something sweet for the rest of the day!

This hack might be worth the try. Honey is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties besides containing a pack load of vitamin Bs, iron and magnesium. Note that moderation is always best.

If you have a sweet tooth and constantly battle with kicking off that sweet addiction, we’ve got you covered! Confused with the various names of sugar? Get the low-down on which sweetener is best.


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