Looking For Fun And Practical Gift Ideas For Dad?

Looking For Fun And Practical Gift Ideas For Dad?


17 June 2016


Strong, fun, wise – these words come to mind when we think of our Dads. We love and appreciate them but sometimes thinking of what to gift Dad can be a struggle. We’ve scoured the web and have put together heartwarming, fun and practical gift ideas to make Daddy’s day! 

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Ever Noticed How …?

Take time to show Dad that you are grateful to call him your Dad, Daddy or Papa. See which best describes Dad and get crackin’! You’d be happy to know that there are no mentions of ties, Swiss army knives, mugs or shirts here! 

Foodie Dad


We often think of giving Mum a surprise breakfast-in-bed. What about giving dad the royal treatment he deserves? Whip up these easy recipes – mini banana pancakes or smoothie bowls and bring a smile to Dad’s face – great start to the day, we’d say!  The lil ones will have fun helping out too!

If Dad loves something meatier, cook up this lamb shank stew – comfort food, for sure! Or he’d prefer something lighter, give the roasted eggplant pizza with barbecue chicken a go – it’s easy, healthy and taste oh-so-good! If local favourites are what Dad likes, why not try our healthy Char Kuey Teow? And get Dad cool coasters that he can use while having a cuppa

Sporty Dad


Families of all ages will enjoy a day outdoors. Go to the park – blow bubbles, play frisbee or basketball together, try kite-flying and enjoy the slides, swings, see-saws and monkey bars – makes great photos, too!

What better time for a family outing? Plan a road trip, enjoy the scenic views, go for a hike, have an outdoor picnic or camp by the beach. Remember to stay hydrated and pack these fruity ice cubes for a refreshing swig! And let Dad unwind and chill, get him a hammock or a folding chair he can lounge in - perfect to sink into for camping, fishing or simply after a long day at work.

Adventurous Dad


Ever asked Dad what is on his bucket list? Never too late! Every guy has definitely got something he has always wanted to try but never got around to doing it for one reason or another. Give your adventure-ready Dad an thrilling experience – how about a flying lesson or bringing him to test-drive his dream car – make it happen for the man of the house!

Dapper Dad


Keep Dad looking dapper - upgrade his travel bag and fill it with skin-friendly grooming essentials. Skip the stuff at the stores and make Dad a DIY aftershave lotion. It costs almost nothing and uses lots of things hidden in your pantry. Crunched for time? Shop for toxin-free hand creams, soap, facial cleansers, body scrubs, scalp serum and essential oils he will love! Throw in an eye mask so Dad can get the most from his shut eye (especially great for new dads!).

Don’t stop there - give Dad’s ride a shine and keep it looking spiffy to accompany his suave looks. A car care kit will come in handy for this. It doesn’t stop there, let Dad step out in style with a sleek pair of sunnies. And keep his dough looking sharp with a money clip.

Techie Dad


If Dad is always plugged in and tuned in to the latest high-tech gadgets or gear, staying ahead of the game with someone so savvy can be a little tough. He’ll appreciate your efforts and thoughts nonetheless. You can get Dad a harmony hub so he can use his smartphone as a universal remote control for devices around the home – talk about being the master of the house! Get Dad a premium leather case to protect his laptop while looking stylishly sophisticated. Did you know that are charging cases that Dad can use to charge on-the-go? Go check them out! A digital photo frame will also do the magic – he can show off the family at the office and save storage space on his desk. Of course, the acclaimed Fitbit wristband will come in handy to make sure Dad can keep track of his fitness progress. A drone with camera may also be a cool gift for Dad!

We also want to remember those whose Dads are no longer with them, those whose fathers who may not be as agile as they used to be as well as those who may not have a male figure in their life to call Dad. We have thought about you and how you can also make this day a meaningful one.

Needs TLC Dad


Some of our Dads may be going through a health crisis or maybe advanced in their years and not be as mobile as before. With a little effort, you still make them feel cared for and loved. After all, it’s your presence and heart that matters most.

If Dad is wheelchair-bound, take him for a stroll at the park or wherever he desires to go. Spend time with Dad and walk down memory lane together – a photo album can get the conversation going, bring a healthy picnic along or simply just take time to listen to what Dad would like to share about his younger days or anything at all. If Dad is unable to say much, keep Dad comfortable, brighten up Dad’s day and gift him with a sweater, a pair of socks or even a pair of comfy anti-slip slippers. If Dad is bed-ridden, hold Dad’s hand, sing his favourite song and tell Dad how much you appreciate him. And it’s perfectly fine to let those tears flow.

A Father-Figure Dad

Some of us grew up having our Dad around only for a brief time while others may have lost their Dad or did not have someone to call “Dad” at home. Perhaps there’s a father-figure – be it an uncle, a mentor or even your boss, that you look up to - why not take this opportunity to show your appreciation for their presence in your life? You’d know their personality best - give them a gift of your time, an experience they’d enjoy or prepare a simple, healthy meal for them.

Have a meaningful Father’s Day!

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