7 Tips To Throwing A (Healthy) Dinner Party!

7 Tips To Throwing A (Healthy) Dinner Party!


20 May 2016


How do you organise a party menu when you have vegan, vegetarian and omnivore friends? Not to mention if your BFF follows a gluten- and dairy-free diet. As a good host, you’d want everybody to feel welcome at the table, right?

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Read on to find out how to prepare crowd-pleasing favourites where no one feels left out or guilty.

1. Start with An All-Can-Enjoy Base

Start with planning a base dish of foods that everyone can eat – veggies are a safe option. Try out our string of salads below. You don’t have to worry about substituting ingredients in your base recipe and the good thing about this is that you can build from here. Serve meat and fish as side dishes to give your guests an option to add these to their base, if they’d like.

Try: Roasted Broccoli Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette, Sprouted Green Mung Salad, Bean Salad

2. Give Grains Some Attention

Grains are timeless classics and they can go with almost everything! Have quinoa or brown rice served, and you’ve taken care of your gluten-free guests. Unprocessed grains like these are fibre-rich, protein-packed, promotes slow energy release and thus will keep you (and your guests) satiated through the night.

Try: Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate, Pumpkin and Mozarella, Tabbouleh

3. Customise Meal Bowls

Give your guests the flexibility of creating their own meal bowls. With the all-in-one meal bowls from smoothie bowls, sushi bowls to poke bowls, your guest will love their customised selection. This way your guests can select their preferences and portions (and come for seconds if they wish to!). We love this option as it caters to everyone at the table. Vegan or vegetarian guests can have chickpeas, tofu or tempeh, meat lovers can add on shredded chicken or beef slices, and pescatarian guests can enjoy their fish. Plus, there’s something about meal bowls that make it so wholesomely satisfying - it’s the roundness or the complete circle of the bowl, perhaps.

Try: Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

4. Crowd-pleasers Are Safe Bets

Nearly everyone loves pizza and burgers, little wonder why. Prepare a gluten-free crust, salsa or hummus as the bottom spread, and have lots of veggies, cheese, sliced avocados, bright coloured capsicums, black, white or kidney beans, shredded meat, fish shavings or fresh prawns – and let your guests load up on their favourite toppings. Have your oven ready to toast the pizzas or burgers – and watch your guests sink their teeth in every bite!

Try: Black Bean Patties, Roasted Eggplant Pizza, Raw Zoodles with Pesto

5. Remember The Weight Watchers

You will always have friends who are looking to trim their waist to fit into that dress, getting ready for bikini season or simply want to shed off some undesired pounds. Let’s show them some love, shall we? Serve a carb-stitute or two – choose from zoodles, cauli-rice, eggplant, Portobello mushrooms or lettuce wraps so they can enjoy more with less while reveling in the camaraderie of friends!

6. Never Forget Desserts

With tonnes of healthy desserts populating our Instagram feed, we’re spoilt for choice! Give our selected guilt-free desserts listed below a go or get raw desserts delivered to you!

Try: Avocado Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Sesame Cake, Raw Vegan Desserts, Ginger Sauteed Pears

7. Hydrate Healthily

Forget about fizzy, carbonated drinks or cordials and hydrate your guests with nutritious sips. Try infused water instead – all you need is a large pitcher of water with slices of lemon or blueberries. Or try different combinations like cucumber and mint, apple and cinnamon and any creative concoctions you can think of! Why not check out healthier options for happy hour? And remember to have a designated driver ready!

Try: Herbal Infusions! Happy, Healthy Hydration, Infused With Goodness – Water With A Twist

There you have it – how to plan a dinner party that everyone can enjoy, indoors or al-fresco! Have fun!