7 Surprising Valentine's Gifts To Bring You Closer

7 Surprising Valentine's Gifts To Bring You Closer


14 February 2022


What do you think about when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day? Flowers, candlelight dinners, cards, or chocolates? There are plenty of alternatives to spoil the special ones in your life this Valentine's. And they go beyond just materialistic things!

It can be stressful to find the right gift, however. Luckily, we're here to help. Relationships are to be cherished and nurtured, so here are 7 gift ideas you can enjoy WITH your loved one this Valentine's.


Get Sweaty Together (And Boost Your Happiness)

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Studies show that couples who work out together build a stronger bond. Exercising also boosts your overall health, sense of well-being, and happiness. Now, that's a gift for someone special! Why not surprise your sweetheart with a lesson for a sport he/she has been wanting to try out? Or, if you prefer to DIY at home, there are plenty of Youtube couple workout videos, from beginners to advanced. My personal favourite for beginners is by MadFit.


Let Games Bring You Closer

When was the last time you played Chess, Monopoly, or even video games? This builds creativity and can also improve communication. There are also many romantic (and free) couple games that can help bring you closer to each other. Great for an interesting date night!


Get Into The Moment With Mindfulness 

Taking time off your gadgets is very important, especially when you want to feel the romance. Practice guided meditation together. This will help you and your loved one be calm and more relaxed when you have each had a long and stressful day.


Make Each Other Blush With Love Letters

Sounds old school? But it is super romantic! Writing a love letter (my personal favourite) is the most romantic thing you can do for your sweetheart. Let them know what makes them so special, and don't be shy! You can also leave little notes with favourite things you like about your partner or compliment them. It does make their day! Hand-written letters and notes will definitely make your loved one smile.


Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Join a dance class this season of love! So what if you have two left feet? As long as you are enjoying and flirting with each other. Rekindle that love with dance, it doesn't get much more sensual than that! What better way to spend Valentine's than with music and being in each other's arms?


Get Closer Through Deep Conversations

When was the last time you had a deep conversation with your darling? An open, calm, heart-to-heart talk that makes you feel so alive. Put your phones aside, turn on those candles and just talk. Talk about anything you love. The key is to start a conversation and to actively listen with compassion.


Indulge In Sweet Sweet Love

Chocolates on your mind again? Baking or making desserts together are super fun (including throwing flour at each other). So why not bake together? You can also make healthy sweets, like keto cookies or chocolates. Whatever you feel like whipping up, only your imagination sets the limit! 

Do check out our Chocolate bar with pomegranate seeds recipe too! This recipe does not only taste delicious, it is packed with antioxidants, magnesium and has many more benefits.


Balance Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

Just in time for Valentine's, our own Chakra Candles are now available to be ordered online! 'Made with 100% natural ingredients and designed to help you get the best out of your healing and meditation journey. They're infused with Bach Flowers and energy crystals that help you and your loved one balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health during the season of love.

If you're looking to feel more grounded, energised, confident, and relaxed while being spiritually connected to yourself, and each other, look no further.

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Let this Valentine's Day be about more than just gifts. Let it be the time you rejuvenate and rekindle the flame. Also, self-love is equally important in this season of love - here are our best tips on how to cultivate it

Happy Valentine's Day!