6 Quick Tips to Conquer Long Distance Driving

6 Quick Tips to Conquer Long Distance Driving


28 June 2017


As the festivities comes to an end, many of us have to say goodbye to the family, and head on back home. Here are some tips to help with long distance driving and traffic jams. It’s important to plan ahead in order to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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1. Get enough sleep

Get 7 hours of sleep or more to recharge your batteries properly the night before the trip. This will help you be more alert on the road.

2. Make sure you have enough fuel

As in fuel for yourself! Prepare healthy, vitamin packed foods such as cucumbers, carrots, fruits, nuts and peanut butter sandwiches. These foods will help to keep you energised.

3. Take a break

Stop at least every 2 hours to stretch your body.Try to plan in advance where you want to stop. If you have kids, see where there is a place they can run around and get rid of some stored up energy. This will give some much needed peace in the car.

4. Sit straight

For the driver, adjust the car seat so that you are sitting up straight. A straight posture can help to keep you more awake, and is also better for your back.

5. Keep everyone entertained

If your passengers include children, line up some entertainment. Bring books and toys, and play games such as “I spy” or “find the license plate”. You can also play audio story books. Look for funny stories as nothing passes the time like laughing and it will keep you in a good mood.

6. Get some tunes

Prepare a playlist that you enjoy. Make sure the music is upbeat and not relaxing! This will come in handy when all the passengers are asleep and you need to stay alert and awake.

Remember if at any point you feel tired, change drivers or pull over at a rest stop and take a rest.

We wish you safe and happy travels.