2020 Chinese New Year: The No-No’s

2020 Chinese New Year: The No-No’s


20 January 2020


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The year of the rat soon approaches and we wish you a wondrous time with family, friends and food. As the celebrations almost arrive, we share with you a few customs, traditions and practices you and your family can put in place.

In addition to food and family, there are a few age old superstitions that need to be brought back out as a reminder, just for this time of year. So here are our six no-no’s that date back to the beginning of time… after all, it doesn’t hurt to be on the right side of luck during this Lunar New Year!  

  1. No Porridge - You’ll want to eat food more lavish, whomesome and flavorful instead - in traditional Chinese culture, porridge is ‘poor people’s food’. So keep it for a later time.

  2. No Washing (Hair nor Laundry) - Never wash your hair or the clothes on the first day of the Lunar New Year as many believe it’s equivalent to washing away good fortune - and we would not want that. Opt for dry shampoo instead, and let that laundry basket pile for a day or two - just this once.

  3. No Sweeping - Sweeping floors means sweeping away luck, and no one wants to risk that! But mopping is fine - so your home does not need to remain dirty. 

  4. No Couch Potatoes - Eat that big meal, but then take a walk around the neighborhood.  Engaging in light activity can help rev up the metabolism - very useful after a big holiday meal. It’s also a good chance to chat up the person you take with you on your walk. Sometimes 1:1 can help you connect with a long lost family member (and help them get their steps in, too!)

  5. No Debts - A time to release your financial burden; if you owe money or had lent money, it’s time to balance out your sheets. A clearing of monetary energy is very auspicious during this time of year. So pay out all you owe and ask people who owe you to bring back that money. This harmonizes your financial stamina - which is always a good thing.

  6. No Party Poopers - Get everyone involved with all activities. From the menu prep, grocery shopping and cooking. It’s time to make sure everyone is in - grandparents, cousins, your uncles and aunties, and even the little kids. Everyone has a task to complete and needs to do their part.   

Remember, the time spent with family is precious - it is an opportunity to bond, grow stronger and continue to work on relationships that last a lifetime. So get rid of those smartphone notifications, clear your schedules and make precious memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Happy Chinese New Year!