10 Creative & Easy DIY Couples Costumes To Rock Halloween!

10 Creative & Easy DIY Couples Costumes To Rock Halloween!


15 October 2016


Pumpkins, bats, pointed black hats. Come 31st October, you may hear a rat-a-tat. While the children will be carving pumpkins, dressing up in costumes and playing ‘trick-or-treat’, the adults sure won’t want to miss out on the fun! Time to get into character, guys! Disguise in your favourite character; whether it be scary, playful or a blast from the past!

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For several years in a row now, supermodel Heidi Klum known as ‘The Queen of Halloween’ has stunned us with her out-of-the-box, extraordinary costumes, from being the Goddess of Destruction, Jessica Rabbit to an eerily realistic Old Lady. However, let’s face it. Some of us simply can’t afford the time and effort to create such outstanding costumes like Heidi Klum. More so if you are looking for couples costumes - double the time, effort and price!

Lucky for us, there are some fun and cheap DIY costume ideas for you and your significant other! We’ve round up 10 creative and inexpensive ideas for you two! Are you ready to rock Halloween as a duo?

DJ and Spinelli

Credit: Just Jared

Say ‘aye’ if you are a 90s kid! This costume is perfect for you! Channel your inner child by dressing up as DJ & Spinelli from Recess. Ladies, all you need is an orange dress, leather jacket, orange and yellow striped knee-high socks, black boots and a yellow beanie. Men, you can wear jeans, sneakers, a white shirt, a green bomber jacket and a red baseball cap. Easy peasy! And you’re likely to have most of the items in your closet! Brings backmemories, doesn’t it?

Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman and Johnny Castle

Credit: Daily Mail

If you’re a fan of the classic romantic drama Dirty Dancing, you’ll definitely love this outfit duo! Depending on which remake of the film you want to recreate, most of the items are likely to be in your closet! Ladies, wear an all-black shirt, faux leather trousers, red pumps and slap on some bright red lipstick. Men, just wear an all-black shirt, jeans and leather jacket. Dance the night away, you lovebirds!

Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega

Credit: Yahoo

Dedicated to those who admire a neo-noir classic, channel your rebellious and restless selves by dressing up as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. Ladies, strutt in  your black jeans, white blouse, black wig with straight fringe, and fake blood (use beetroot juice!) for props. Men, get decked out in your best suit with slicked-back hair.

Pablo Escobar and Tata

Credit: JammedUp

Moving on to pop culture, Narcos is one of Netflix’s well-received and popular TV series this year. Present your gangster-ness by dressing up as a Columbian drug lord. Men, all you need is a beach-patterned shirt, white trousers, briefcase and a moustache. Look at the young fella dressed as Escobar. If he can pull it off, so can you! For the ladies, you can dress up as his wife, Tata but there is nothing peculiar about her character. Simply dress up in all-white clothing, white wig, all-white face and body paint.. Let others guess who you are! We all love a little mystery, don’t we?

Wilma and Fred Flintstone

Credit: Oh, Julia Ann

Let’s head back to the Stone Age era and welcome Bedrock’s favourite animated couple, Wilma and Fred Flintstone! For Fred, you would need to cut, sew and glue orange, black and light blue fabrics together. For Wilma, you would need an unused white dress and an orange wig. Now, we challenge you as a couple; act like you belong in a prehistoric era where phones, television, and Internet were not accessible. Are you up for the challenge? Yabba dabba doo!

Sims Characters

Credit: Nindyo Hapsari

In honour of one of the best-selling video games of all time, become a Sim character! The only prop you need to create is a diamond plumbob over your head which requires some hand work. Don’t worry, there are multiple DIY videos on how to do that! The greatest part of the costume is that you can wear anything you like. Simple, but eye-catching! Great idea for pairs, couples, or even a group costume!

Yin and Yang

Credit: Pinterest

Most of us are aware of the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, where two seemingly opposite elements of two characters become interconnected. For this, you would need an all-black and all-white clothing, with shoes, accessories, hats of opposing colours. In addition, the concept of yin and yang is that one cannot function without the other. Illustrate the concept with this costume and reach the ultimate #RelationshipGoals! Of course, you don’t have to cover your whole face like the picture!

Dexter Morgan and Victim

Credit: Pinterest

Let the bloodbath begin! Dress up as the iconic part-time forensic blood-spatter analyst, and part-time serial killer. Men, you would need to wear a navy-green long shirt, a black apron spattered with fake blood, lab goggles, black rubber gloves, and a fake knife - be careful! The ladies can dress as his murder victim wrap yourself with plastic-wrap, mark a cut on your right cheek with fake blood (Dexter’s signature move before murder), and splatter fake blood on the chest area.

Interesting fact: Dexter was inspired by the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory. Who would’ve thought a serial killer’s character was inspired by a cartoon?

Troll Face Memes

Credit: WeKnowMemes

Become one of the most popular memes: the troll faces! Stay in character and ‘troll’ other people with jokes! To create the mask, print your chosen troll faces and stick on a cardboard, cut two small holes on the sides and use elastic strings or bands to wear as a mask. You can add their catchy phrases ‘U Mad, Bro?’, ‘Problem?’, ‘Y U No Me Gusta’, ‘Like A Sir’ and many more!

Google Maps

Credit: Flavor Wire

Give other people directions with Google Maps! They wouldn’t have to open the app on their smartphones - they will ask you for directions! This creative costume idea requires cardboard, tape and glue. Just print a bunch of street names, stick it on your clothing, wear a ‘pin’ and you’re good to go!

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