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Yoga Basics – How To Downward Dog

Yoga Basics – How To Downward Dog

Downward dog, a great pose named after that stretch that you see doggies yawning to, is a great way to strengthen the arms, open the shoulders, straighten the spine, lengthen the hamstrings and basically do a whole world of wonders. It is one of those poses that looks deceivingly easy but requires practice to get it right.

Watch my video tutorial on how to prep and get into this stretch, and reap its benefits. Practice and all is coming!

Liv Lo

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Liv Lo

Written by: Liv Lo

Liv Lo, the founder of Stretch City (that became part of PurelyB in March 2016), is a TV personality and fitness entrepreneur known for her infectious character and charisma.

Apart from her TV career she is a double-certified yoga instructor and PT trainer who shares her fitness regimens online via her Youtube channel to challenge students to exercise anytime, anywhere..

Liv is proud to be a video article contributor for Purely B and hopes to inspire more people to live longer lives in optimum health.

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Liv Lo是一名电视工作者兼健身企业家,因其独特的个性和魅力而著名。除了担任电视节目主持人,拥有国际瑜伽双认证的她从事瑜伽教学和私人健身教练工作,并透过Youtube平台分享她的个人健身法,激励学生无论何时或身在何处都要积极锻炼。身为PurelyB撰稿人,Liv Lo希望藉由这平台激励更多人提高生活质量和追求健康长寿。


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