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Episode 2: Bride-To-Be Fitness Routine

Episode 2: Bride-To-Be Fitness Routine

In this second episode, I will be sharing exercises to help you attain a lean, sexy back – perfect for brides who want to show off some skin in a way that is sexy, but classy. Gowns with a plunging back will show off your back so you need to make sure that you tone it up so you look AH-mazing!

Ready to get that sexy back?

Liv Lo

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Liv Lo

Written by: Liv Lo

Liv Lo, the founder of Stretch City (that became part of PurelyB in March 2016), is a TV personality and fitness entrepreneur known for her infectious character and charisma.

Apart from her TV career she is a double-certified yoga instructor and PT trainer who shares her fitness regimens online via her Youtube channel to challenge students to exercise anytime, anywhere..

Liv is proud to be a video article contributor for Purely B and hopes to inspire more people to live longer lives in optimum health.

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Liv Lo是一名电视工作者兼健身企业家,因其独特的个性和魅力而著名。除了担任电视节目主持人,拥有国际瑜伽双认证的她从事瑜伽教学和私人健身教练工作,并透过Youtube平台分享她的个人健身法,激励学生无论何时或身在何处都要积极锻炼。身为PurelyB撰稿人,Liv Lo希望藉由这平台激励更多人提高生活质量和追求健康长寿。


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