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5 Fun Ways To Stay Fit During Raya

5 Fun Ways To Stay Fit During Raya

Although Raya is renowned for being a time for eating, it is particularly important that we continue to exercise through it too. A small commitment to staying active during the festivities can have astronomical benefits to our capacity to celebrate. Continuing to exercise will energise our bodies and make us feel happier so that we can give more physically and emotionally to those around us. It will also help us to be more mindful of our decisions when it comes to what we put on our plates.

To get you started, here are 5 fun ways that you can keep moving to stay fit all throughout Raya.

1. Work out first thing in the morning

Before the busy day starts in preparing the house to welcome guests or heading out to visit family and friends, head to the gym or take a 30-minute brisk walk around your neighbourhood. Doing this first thing in the morning gets it out of the way so that you can enjoy the rest of your day.

2. Work out at home

If getting out of your house takes too much time, try this home workout. You don’t even need any weights or equipment!

  • Jumping Jacks x 40
  • Squats x 30
  • Crunches x 20
  • Push-ups x 10
  • Complete 2-3 rounds

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3. Take the conversation for a walk

It’s human nature to laze around sitting and chatting after finishing a meal. This isn’t the only way to interact with other people though. Why not take the conversation to a new level by suggesting a walk? The physical movement will be good for your body and inject vibrancy into the conversation.

4. Plan an activity with a friend

Pairing up with a friend is an effective way to fast-track yourself to fitness success. It keeps you accountable, increasing the likelihood that you will stay on track as you move towards your goals. Make a commitment to each other to stay fit and encourage each other when the going gets tough. Working out with a friend isn’t just great for your health though, it’s also more fun!

5. Plan a group activity

Raya time is ultimately family time. But it doesn’t mean that you have to spend the whole day cooped up in the house. Organise an activity that the whole family can get involved in. It could be as simple as a day out in the park or for those who are more competitive, you could plan an inter-family badminton tournament!

Exercising during Raya is an investment in your wellbeing rather than a cost to your time. With a stronger body, mind and spirit, you’ll be better prepared to make it through the hectic Raya schedules with a smile on your face!

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