Trend Watch: The Rise of Hybrid Workouts in Singapore

Trend Watch: The Rise of Hybrid Workouts in Singapore


9 October 2017


Having spent the past 5 years in Singapore, I’ve been keeping my eye on the industry and its trends and boy is it an exciting time!

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A market once dominated by downward dogs has now shifted to new exciting “Hybrid workouts” - what do I mean by this? Let’s start with the word “Hybrid”: Noun, “a thing made by combining two different elements. Now put it with “workout” and you’ve got twice the intensity and twice the fun!

Although the US, AUS and UK are still leading as the world’s workout trendsetters, Asia is fast becoming adopters of these new workout trends and to prove it, I have listed some of my top picks!

1 - STILL Boxing

STILLBoxing resizeImage: STILL Boxing

Let STILL revolutionise your workout experience, bringing you music, lights, non-stop energy, and adrenaline. Mix boxing, cardio, strength, and toning into an action-packed group class that will leave you feeling the HIGH and the BURN.


Firestation resizeImage: FIRESTATION

Stride total body is an all in one signature workout that includes a dynamic warm up, cardio treadmill routines & strength training utilising the fire trainer, free weights, kettle bells, power balls and other equipment. Stride total body is rounded off with core conditioning & dynamic yoga exercises to give you a complete euphoric workout experience. Warning: this workout contains high levels of fun, energy, motivation and perspiration.

3 - Skyline Aqua

Skylineaqua resizeImage: Skyline Aqua

The FloatFit YOGA class is a 30-minute Vinyasa yoga session on water - yes you heard right, ON water. The practice merges breath and movement to strengthen the body and mind.

4 - Boulder Movement

BoulderMovement resizeImage: Boulder Movement

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of recovery. Such workouts help you to burn fats as well as build muscles simultaneously. Boulder Movement’s ‘High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Climbing’ puts a twist on the conventional HIIT workouts by infusing bouldering into them. The class comprises of two parts: full-body exercises and boulder circuits. It is the ideal midday boost workout and it only takes 30 minutes for each session!

5 - Barre2Barre

Barre barre resizeImage: Barre2Barre

Introducing BarreAmped Bounce - a fun, simple, and challenging collection of classic barre routines done on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. The trampoline creates a dynamic surface and with the stable support of the added “barre” (handle bar), is transformed into a cardio machine. Barre exercises performed on the trampoline speed up the workout’s signature #shaketochange and the fun!

Climbing, bouncing, punching – with so many exciting hybrid workout options to try out, never dread a boring workout sesh again! Who said fitness couldn’t be fun?